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Storage chest, pine, original red painted finish, single six-board construction, dovetailed, wrought iron strap hinges, applied molding at lid, cast iron side handles, dovetailed case, dovetailed applied molded base, pine stops in back to keep out from wall, Watervliet, NY, c. 1840, (purchased from Loudenville Exchange, consigned to them from a family who purchased it from the Shakers), 21" h, 42" w, 19" d.



Photograph, portrait of Eldress Emma B. King, Mt. Lebanon, NY, shows Eldress Emma standing next to a maple sewing desk, matted with a bird's-eye maple frame, some foxing to the mat, 9" x 7" (sight).



Box, white wood, original yellow varnish stain, rectangular form, finely dovetailed, red leather hinge nailed with round and flat headed tacks, 2 1/2" h, 7 3/4" w, 4 1/2" d.



Labels, uncut group of four "Pure Cayenne" labels, bright orange paper, "put up in the United Society, Shirley, Mass., Address John Whiteley.", 10" x 8".



Rocking chair, original dark walnut stained finish, shawl bar over four slats, arms with mushroom shaped caps, original salmon red and green taped seat, transfer decal on back of bottom slat, Mt. Lebanon, NY, #7, c. 1880, 15 1/2" seat h, 41" overall h.



Pail, pine, original yellow painted finish, wire bail with red stained turned wood handle, "15" stamped on bottom, 7" dia, 9 1/2" h to top of handle.



Basket, black ash splint, natural patina, tall finely carved hoop handle, rectangular shape, double wrapped rim, reinforced bottom, 11" h to top of handle, 14" l, 9 3/4" w.



Pail, pine, original yellow painted finish, wire bail with red stained turned wood handle, 11" h to top of handle, 8" dia.



Oval sewing carrier, maple, original varnish finish, three fingers, attached swing handle, brown satin lined interior, silk tomato pincushion, woven poplar needlecase, mauve and beige silk needle carrier with silk tie, circular "Sabbathday Lake Shaker Trademark" on bottom, 6 1/4" h, 8" l.



Rocking chair, maple, original walnut stained dark varnish finish, original dark cranberry woven taped back and seat, "No. 1" size, Mt. Lebanon, NY, trademark decal inside left rocker.



Candlelight carrier, tin and wire screen, handled carrier with separate insert saucer base candle holder, vertical wire ring for retrieving saucer, 10" h, 4 1/2" dia.



Oval box, maple, rare maple burl lid, original varnish finish, three fingers, 2" h, 5" l.



Bonnet, poplarware, gray and beige, number "8" paper label inside, 7 1/4" h at front edge, 9" l.



Bonnet box, pine, original red/brown stained varnish, breadboarded lift lid, dovetailed case, 8" h, 11 1/4" w, 11 1/4" d.



Cupboard over case of drawers, pine and bass wood in original finish, dated in red stain under the top right drawer "1843", attributed to Brother Amos Stewart (1802-1884), Mt. Lebanon, NY, shown as #22 in the landmark exhibition "The Furnishings of Shaker Dwellings and Shops" in October 1932 at the Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield, Mass. by Edward D. and Faith Andrews, pictured on page 106 The Complete Book of Shaker Furniture by Rieman and Burks, and also on page 115 in The Encyclopedia of Shaker Furniture by Rieman and Burks.



Oval sewing box, maple and pine, natural varnish finish, lined with green silk brocade with chinoiserie decoration, 4" tomato pincushion, strawberry emery, poplar needlecase, beeswax, five fingers, appears to have had a handle, signed in pencil on bottom "R.W. Belfit Watertown, Conn.", similar to top picture in Hands to Work, Klamkin, page 148, 6" h, 14 1/2" l, (ex. Belfit collection).



Diary, "Excelsior Diary, 1894", Sister's handwritten diary for the year 1894, "'Mon. Jan 1, 1894,' We worked on Cloaks.", believed to be Mt. Lebanon, 5 3/4", (ex. Belfit collection).



Two-step stool, maple and pine, original red tinted varnish finish, turned doweled legs, beveled steps, paper attached under "Unusual stool, economy of material purchased - Watervliet Shakers, Eldress Anna Case", 20 3/4" h, 17" w, 14 1/4" d, (ex. Belfit collection).



Basket, black ash splint, natural patina, two carved hickory handles, single wrapped rim, 9" h to top of handles, 15 1/2" l, 12" w, (ex. Belfit collection).



Elder's rocking chair, rare bird's-eye maple and maple, original dark walnut stained finish, beige and bittersweet taped seat, minor repair to second ladder, Watervliet, NY, c. 1850, purchased from Elizabeth Babcock, 16 1/2" seat h, 46 1/2" overall h, (ex. Karl Mendel collection, sold WHA, 1988, Lot 180).



Lap desk and Pincushion: cherry desk, natural finish, rounded backboard behind a small shelf, slanted lid with raised pencil catch, opening to a small shelf in back, dovetailed case, 5" h, 14" w, 11 1/2" d; and a poplarware pincushion with pins, 2" dia.



Vegetable dish, porcelain, oval "Shakers, Mt. Lebanon, N.Y.", floral sprig decoration, signed on bottom "UPW" with eagles head (United Porcelain Works), 2 1/2" h, 10 1/4" l, 7 1/8" w.



Apple peeler, birch, pine and maple, original red painted finish, finely constructed, small professional repair at end of table, 10" h, 26" l, 8" w.



Seed box, pine, original red stain, complete lithographed labels, "Shakers Genuine Vegetable & Flower Seeds from Mt. Lebanon, Columbia County, N.Y. ...D.C. Brainard.", "Beets, Onion, Cucumber, Radish, Cabbage, Peas and Beans", four sheet tin compartments, (Shakers experimented with sheet tin trays rather than wood dividers), a rare seed box in exceptional condition, 3 1/2" h, 23 1/4" w, 11 1/2" d.



Seed sorting table, cherry, pine, original varnish finish, applied lip around one-board top, single dovetailed drawer, brass pull, square tapered legs, signed in chalk on drawer bottom "Anna Gates Died Christmas Night, 71", 26" h, 27" l, 20" w, (ex. R.W. Belfit collection).



Fruit press, maple, natural patina, iron hinged, shaped handles with concentric rings, likely used for lemons and oranges, Canterbury, NH, 15 1/2" l, (ex. Sawyer family collection; ex Ed Clerk collection).



Bottle filler, maple, natural patina, unique sheet tin double candle holder with adjustable clip device, adjustable wooden shelf with funnel holder and small tin funnel, brown glass bottle, 18 1/2" h, 7 1/2" l, 13 1/2" w (candle holder).



Poster, cardboard, colored lithograph, tomato red, white, blue, green and yellow, "Shakers' Dried Green Sweet Corn, Prepared by D.C. Brainard, Shaker Village, Mount Lebanon, N.Y.", Crump Label Press, NY & Chicago, 14" h, 11" w, (ex. Belfit collection).



Oval box, maple and pine, chrome yellow painted finish, four fingers, pictured on page 145, Hands to Work, Klamkin, 2 1/8" h, 4 5/8" l, (ex. Belfit collection).



Candlestand, birch and cherry, original red stained finish, round top, beveled rectangular cleat, turned and tapered shaft, carved snake legs, iron plate held with forged nails and screws, 22" h, 16" dia.



Oval box, maple and pine, original yellow painted finish, five fingers, 5 3/4" h, 13 1/4" l, 9" w.



Oval box, maple and pine, original dark green painted finish, 4 1/4" h, 10 5/8" l, 8" w.



Oval box, maple and pine, original red painted finish, four fingers, 4" h, 10 1/8" l, 7" w.



Bread cutter, wrought iron, turned cherry wood handle, sharp blade swivels on a threaded circular pivot, originally attached to a bread cutting table, New Lebanon, NY, see Plate 10, Shaker Furniture, Andrews, 28" l.



Starch table, pine and maple, red painted finish, rectangular top, held with two finely carved cleats, two turned box stretchers, turned maple legs, New Lebanon, NY, used to hold pails of starch in Laundry room, pictured in Plate 46, Shaker Furniture, Andrews, 28" h, 27 1/2" w, 22 1/2" d.



Wood stove, sheet metal, shaped oval fire box, recessed cavity for teakettle, three penny feet, Shaker tin teakettle, Canterbury, NH, c. 1830-40, 19" h, 19" l, (ex. Avis Howell collection).



Carrier, maple and pine, original red painted finish, three fingers, attached hoop handle, repaired, 7" to top of handle, 11" l, 7 1/4" w.



Oval box, maple and pine, original yellow painted finish, three fingers, 2 1/8" h, 5 1/4" l, 3 1/4" w.



Book, Shaker Furniture, The Crafts-manship of an American Communal Sect, Andrews, red cover with green labels, signed inside front page "Sincerely Your Friend, Edward D. Andrews", 1937, also signed by 27 Shakers - Delmer Wilson to Sarah A. Neale, (ex. R.W. Belfit collection).



Sewing table, pine and cherry, original stained varnish finish, breadboarded lift lid, interior with four divided compartments, single lipped drawer with turned pull, square tapered cherry wood legs, purchased from Molly Hamilton in the 1960's, 26 3/4" h, 24 3/4" w, 21" d.



Swift, maple, original yellow stained varnish, Hancock, MA, 24 1/2" h.



Round box, maple, poplar and birch, natural varnish finish, three fingers, 2" h, 4 1/4" dia.



Manuscript, an important hardbound handwritten "Current Record of Events from 1792 to 1885", comprising a handwritten record of year to year major events of the Shaker Community of Canterbury, New Hampshire, gift to George Monell who was a dear friend of the Shakers, 239 pages.



Dipper, figured maple, one piece carved and turned, very smooth overall surface patina, 2 1/2" h, 6" l, 4 1/4" dia.



Harvest table, tiger maple, traces of original red stained finish, single board breadboarded top, 57" l, 19" w, two breadboarded leaves 10" w, central pull leaf support with turned wood knob, single drawers in both ends, original turned wood knobs, 29" h.



Pail, pine, original yellow painted finish, iron band wraps painted black, interior painted beige, wood and cast iron bail, marked "2X" on bottom, 15" h to top of handle, 11" dia.



Table desk, pine, original red painted finish, two drawers, small turned cherry knobs, finely dovetailed top drawer is sectioned into seven compartments, South Family, New Lebanon, NY, c. 1830, see Plate 27, Shaker Furniture, Andrews, 5 1/4" h, 20" l, 14 1/2" w.



Winter bonnet, covered with black velvet and black fur, black silk ribbon, 10" h, 8" l.



Cloak, dyed purple wool, silk lined, labeled "'The Dorothy', Shakers, Hart & Shepard, E. Canterbury, N.H.", 48" l.



Spinning wheel, flax wheel, oak and maple, natural finish, stamp on back of table "TC" for Thomas Cushman, Trustee, Alfred, Maine, c. 1801, 51 1/2" h, 31" l, (ex. Judge Reinhold collection, Watertown, CT).



Doll, porcelain, Shaker dressed in a gray hooded cloak with silk ribbons, poplar bonnet with underliner, gray pleated dress, 13" h.



Sampler, green thread on a linen background, alphabet (missing U and V) and numbers, dated 1826 and 1827, framed, 3 1/8" x 6 3/4".



Oval box, maple and pine, original yellow painted finish, three fingers right to left, 1 1/2" h, 3 1/2" l.



Hangers, three wooden clothes hangers, maple, pine and birch, natural finish, flat, round and carved rectangular, approximately 15" l.



Stand, cherry and pine, varnish finish, square board top, 17 1/2", single drawer with small brass pull, slender turned leg with turned spade foot, purchased by consignor in the 1960's at Antique Exchange, Watervliet, NY, from Watervliet, originally from Western Community, 28 1/2" h, 15" w, 14 3/4" d.



Letter opener, bird's-eye maple, original varnish finish, "graceful shape and shows Shaker's understanding of beautiful wood grain", pictured and described in Hands to Work, Klamkin, page 158 and 159, hole in handle for hanging on small peg, 8 1/4" l, (ex R.W. Belfit collection).



Round box, painted paper on cardboard, bright orange, chrome yellow rim, sky blue interior, pictured on page 149, Hands to Work, Klamkin, 2 1/4" h, 3 1/2" dia, (ex. R.W. Belfit collection).



Hangers, two wooden clothes hangers, maple and poplar, natural finish, one initialed "SG" in pencil, other is pictured on page 155, Hands to Work, Klamkin, 19" and 22" l, (ex. R.W. Belfit collection).



Clothing and Hand towels: two black and white checked linen towels, one initialed "EC", woven initialed towel with red "O", embroidered net undergarment, and a brown cowl with black trim and black maple leaf buttons, 16" l, (ex. R.W. Belfit collection).



Elder's rocking chair, walnut, original dark red stained varnish finish, four slats, green stripe taped seat, curvilinear arms, New Lebanon, NY, c. 1840, 16" seat h, 45" overall h.



Oval box, pine and maple, original red stained finish, three fingers, 2 3/4" h, 5 3/4" l, 3 3/4" w.



Oval box, pine and maple, original chrome yellow stain, four fingers, Hancock, MA, "made by Ricardo Belden", 3 3/4" h, 9 1/4" l, 6 1/8" w, (ex. Andrews collection).



Oval box, pine and maple, natural finish, five fingers, signed in black ink on inside lid "Charlotte, March 6, 1829", 6 1/2" h, 14 3/4" l, 10 3/4" w.



Footstool, maple, original dark walnut varnish stain, small turned legs, doweled stretchers front and back, Mt. Lebanon, NY, c. 1890, Shakers trademark decal under top, 6 1/2" h, 11 3/4" w, 11 1/4" d.



Tall chest, figured birch, birch and pine, traces of red varnish stain, molded and dovetailed top over six graduated, molded and lipped drawers, on an applied bracket base, 51 1/2" h, 36 1/2" w, 17" d.



Rocking chair, maple, dark walnut stained varnish, four slats, shawl bar, early striped tape seat, brown and blue, Mt. Lebanon, NY, c. 1885, #5 transfer decal on inside of rocker, 15 1/2" seat h, 38" overall h.



Oval boxes, pine and maple, original gray painted finish (in-use wear), three and four finger, 7 3/4" and 10 1/8" l.



Flight of drawers, pine and poplar, early mustard painted finish over original red, seven lipped drawers with finely turned wood pulls, Canterbury, NH, c. 1840, bottom is missing a small piece in front and bottom pull is missing a part, appears to have hung on a wall, 25" h, 6 1/2" w, 5 1/2" d.



Child's side chair, maple, original varnish finish, two slats, caned seat, Enfield, NH, c. 1840, 13" seat h, 29 1/2" overall h, (ex. R.W. Belfit collection).



Cupboard over drawers, pine, original light red/brown stained varnish finish, single board top over inset panels flanking two inset panel cupboard doors, over three long lipped and dovetailed graduated drawers, simple canted foot base, turned walnut knob, with history, 45" h, 48" w, 20 3/4" d.



Bonnet and Dipper: doll's bonnet, poplarware, trimmed in beige silk with pink silk interior, 2" h; miniature dipper, maple and pine, dark natural patina, finely turned handle, 6 1/2" l.



Basket, black ash splint, squared top 7", and squared bottom, called a "Box" basket by the Shakers, see Shaker Baskets, Wetherbee, page 116, 5" h.



Pegboard, pine, natural finish, nine maple pegs (2 1/4" l), 13' 4" l.



Child's rocking chair, maple, original dark walnut stained finish, original blue and beige taped seat and back, #0, Mt. Lebanon, NY, c. 1880, transfer decal inside rocker, 9" seat h, 23 1/2" overall h.



Child's high chair, maple, original light varnish finish, acorn finials, three arched slats, original green taped seat, slightly curved and turned back posts, slight splayed turned front posts, original birch shaped foot rest, Mt. Lebanon, NY, c. 1870, 21 1/2" seat h, 36" overall h.



Tub, pine, hickory handle, early meetinghouse blue painted exterior, light blue interior, red painted handle, 17" h to top of handle, 14 1/2" dia.



Gift drawing, rare circular handwritten drawing describing "A Brief History of M. Ann Lee....Joseph Meacham & Lucy Wright...the First Ministers....By D.A. Buckingham, Ag. 80 y....1883", framed, 11 5/8" h, 10 1/2" w (sight).



Oval box, maple and pine, original lipstick red painted finish, three fingers, 1 3/4" h, 4 1/2" l.



Oval box, maple and pine, original salmon red/orange painted finish, three fingers, 2 1/4" h, 6" l.



Work table, pine, original red painted finish with light over varnish, single board pine top, single drop leaf, splayed square tapered legs, Hancock, MA, c. 1825, written inside front skirt board "This table was made at Shaker Village, Mass, c. 1825, Restored for Dorothy Busted Bambrick, Enfield, Conn, by Paul Koda, Cabinetmaker, Hartford, Conn, 1948. #500.", 28 1/4" h, 30 1/2" w, 15" d, 10 1/2" w (leaf).



Books: Peculiarities of the Shakers, 1832; A Memorial to Eldress Anne White and Elder Daniel Offord, 1912; In Memoriam, Sister Arelia G. Mace, 1835-1910; Millenial Church, Albany, 1848.



Oval box, maple and pine, original reddish/brown stained finish, three fingers, 3" h, 7 1/4" l.



Storage chest, pine, original lipstick red painted finish, single board top, six dovetailed drawers, three side by side, original walnut pulls, Enfield, CT, c. 1840, 15 1/2" h, 15 1/2" w, 10 1/2" d.



Oval box, maple and pine, natural patinated finish, five fingers, purchased by consignor from Hazel Hayes, 5 1/2" h, 13 1/4" l, 9 1/4" w.



Pair of side chairs, birch, original walnut stained varnish finish, three graduated slats, caned seats, tilters, Enfield, NH, c. 1840, 16 1/4" seat h, 41" overall h; 17 1/2" seat h, 41" overall h.



Stove tools, cast and forged iron, matched tongs and shovel, 21" l, and cast iron holder, 5" l, (ex. Jordan Auction, 1968, Concord, NH).



Wood stove, cast iron, New Lebanon, NY, #7 penny foot, interesting Shaker repair to base with a piece of ice-saw to keep base intact, used by Sister Sadie Neale in the Mt. Lebanon Post Office, used with a small flat iron to control draft in door opening, 20 1/2" h, 28" l.



Basket, black ash splint, original salmon orange painted finish, rare quadrifoil woven bottom, finely carved side handles, New Lebanon, NY, 4 1/2" h to top of handle, 9 1/4" dia. Note: "The Quadrifoil was emblematic of the Shaker vision of a radiant heavenly sphere...evoking something spiritual...but it was eminently practical too, it limited system and soul.", Shaker Baskets, Wetherbee and Taylor, page 210.



Basket, black ash, cane, very rare size and form, Mt. Lebanon, NY, round quadrifoil basket with quadrifoil separate lid, attached cane swing handle wrapped with ash, "one of a kind...we have seen Shaker molds that made it but we have never come across an example...no example exists in a known collection," Martha Wetherbee, silk ribbons to attach lid, 4 1/2" to top of handle, 3" dia.



Spinning wheel, walking wool wheel, birch, maple and oak, original natural finish, carved horn collar at flyer, initialed "BB" on back of table, Brother Benjamin Bailey, Alfred, Maine, 1799-1880, 58 1/2" h, 46" l (table), 44" dia (wheel).



Tatting basket, black ash, separate lid with hole in center with cotton tatting, thread and tomato pincushion inside, attached wrapped swing handle, exceptional condition and patina, New Lebanon, NY, c. 1830-40, 6 1/4" h to top of handle, 3 3/4" sq.



Desk box, butternut and pine, varnish removed from top, breadboarded slant lid, single finely dovetailed drawer, yellow stained interior, with turned cherry wood knob, sectioned for paper, pens and ink, 6 1/2" h, 20 3/4" w, 14 1/2" d.



Oval box, maple and pine, original cherry red painted finish, four fingers, Canterbury, NH, 4 3/4" h, 11 3/8" l, 8 1/4" w.



Oval box, maple and pine, original light putty green painted finish, four fingers right to left, Sabbathday Lake, ME, signed in pencil under lid "Mead", 3 1/4" h, 8 3/4" l, 6" w.



Lift top blanket chest, pine, refinished, brown/red stain, simulated five graduated drawers, two faux drawers above three lipped and dovetailed drawers, small turned pulls, tall arched bootjack base, replaced hinged and molded top, castors, purchased by consignor from a family in Sodus Bay, NY, 45" h, 35 1/4" w, 17 3/4" d.



Brushes, black horsehair, cherry and maple, blue velvet and red velvet, shoe brush with short brown bristles, 9 1/2", 10" and 6" l.



Slide lid box, poplar, original walnut stained varnish finish, two interior sections, finely dovetailed, initialed "OS" for Olive Stebbins, South Family, Enfield, CT, c. 1850-60, 4 1/2" h, 8 3/4" l, 6" w.



Oval box, maple and pine, original forest green painted finish, four fingers, 3 3/8" h, 9 1/8" l, 6 3/4" w.



Wall pocket and labels: silk, beige with light blue trim, embroidered "Engagements, Sunday...Saturday" in seven individual pockets, blue silk ribbon bows at top corner, 20" l; six printed herb labels, "White Lilly Root", "Shoemake Leaves", "Lemon Balm", etc., printed by Deacon James Holmes (1771-1856), Sabbathday Lake, ME, c. 1840.



Cupboard over cupboard, poplar, original varnish finish, inset panel door opening to four shelves, over a matching inset panel door opening to three shelves, porcelain and brass closures, slightly rounded sides, Mt. Lebanon, NY, signed on bottom in pencil "D. Viner, made for...Pittsfield Ma. May 1, 1871", 6' 9" h, 38 3/4" w, 17 1/2" d.



Spool box, birch, original red stained varnish finish, red leather hinged lid, opening to a base fitted with 12 turned pegs and 12 separate maple spools with original threads, a poem on paper glued under lid "An Epitaph on an Hermit", finely dovetailed box with brass push button clasp opener, and printed paper label "Thread Varie...," small holes for threads in front, Canterbury, NH, c. 1850, 3" h, 6 1/2" w, 4 1/2" d, (ex. Jordan Auction, #134, ex. J.J. McCue collection).



Oval box, maple and pine, original lipstick red painted finish, three fingers, 2 1/2" h, 6 1/4" l, 4" w.



Oval box, maple and pine, original blue painted finish, four fingers, two small nicks in top, 4" h, 10 1/4" l, 7 1/4" w, (ex. J.J. McCue collection).



Oval box, maple and pine, original yellow painted finish, four fingers, 5" h, 11 3/4" l, 8 1/8" w.



Sister's work table, possibly used for seed sorting, butternut, pine and cherry, natural finish, one-board top with applied molded lip, three dovetailed and lipped drawers with original cast iron pulls, shelf below, square tapered cherry wood legs, c. 1850, South Family, New Lebanon, NY, 28" h, 37" w, 19" d, (ex. Count collection; see Lot 111 WHA 11/19/2000).



Oval box, natural finish, delicately painted gathering of botanical floral specimens tied with a blue bow, by Sister Cora Helena Sarle, Canterbury, inside lid is painted "M" in leaf sprigs and buds, three fingers, 1 1/2" h, 3 1/2" l, 2 3/8" w.



Pin holder and Miniature dust pan, both painted with scenes by Sister Cora Helena Sarle, Canterbury, NH; circular pin holder with silk ribbon and winter scene of a church with water pond in the foreground, 4 1/4" dia; dust pan scene of a homestead with water view, 4 1/4" h, 4 1/2" w.



Painting of artists palette, green velvet, circular silk attached cushion with painted winter scene of a cottage and a woman standing near a pond, by Sister Cora Helena Sarle, Canterbury, NH, 11 1/4" h, 5 1/4" dia silk cushion.



Painting, oil on canvas, stretched on a window screen frame, elm tree in a sunset next to a pond, signed in pencil on the back of the canvas "Helena Sarle, Canterbury, N.H.", 32 1/2" h, 9 3/4" w.



Tall clock, pine, old refinish with traces of original red, cherry wood works, dovetailed bonnet with applied cone molding, square door with old glass, paper label with arabic numerals in black glued to board, cherry wood works, back of face signed in pencil "Isaac Young" and "1835" is faintly scratched in, "Mathers, 1960" (a clock repair man), rectangular door with brass turned pull, simple stepdown cone molded base, 6' 8" h, 16 3/4" w, 10 3/4" d.



Footstool, tiger maple, original red stained varnish finish, splayed turned peg legs with button feet, paper label attached underneath "Purchased c. 1929 by John W. Leadley from Sister Rosetta Stevens, North Family, Mt. Lebanon", 8" h, 13" l, 8" w.



Drying rack, walnut, original dark varnish finish, hinged to fold from middle outward, finely carved trestle foot, through mortise construction, 36" h, 43" w, 21" w each arm.



Dance print, early print "Shakers Near Lebanon, State of New York", trimmed and laid down on mat board, hand-colored, shows Shakers dancing with a worldly female guest with fan viewing, framed and glazed, 9 1/2" x 18" (sight).



Carrier, birch and maple, original varnish finish, finely carved swing handle, rectangular form, very thin stock finely dovetailed, Canterbury, NH, 6 1/2" to top of handle, 8" l, 5" w.



Drying rack, yellow pine, original varnish finish, three 2' wide hinged sections, finely carved, six finials similar to tops of Shaker picket fences, paper tag reads "For Colored Clothes", Canterbury, NH, c. 1850-60, 5' 4" h, (ex. Milton Sherman collection).



Pail, pine, wire and birch handle, original red painted exterior finish with black painted iron bands, drain and plates, cream painted interior, "#1" stenciled in black paint on bottom, 7" h to top of handle, 5 1/2" dia.



Bottles: three clear with paper labels, "Ketchup, E. Canterbury", "Witch Hazel", "Spiced Cucumber Pickles, Sabbathday Lake"; two bottles labeled "Extract of Horehound, New Lebanon, NY" (with contents); and a "Lime Water, New Lebanon, NY".



Sampler, wool threads on linen background, alphabets and numbers, green script "Elizabeth Spaulding Born Aug 6th 1825, Teacher, Seamstress, Church Family, Pleasant Hill, Ky. 1836-1905, Last Shaker Bonnet maker at Pleasant Hill", also signed in light blue by "Mary Ann Ewing aged 9", also stitched into the sampler are the initials of all the Shaker students under the tutelage of Sister Elizabeth (Betsy) Spaulding (26 students), exhibited at Shaker Village, Pleasant Hill, KY, from 2000 to 2002, framed and glazed, 17" h, 14" w.



String holder and Pincushion: maple and walnut, original varnish finish, cylindrical box with fitted lid, alternating walnut and maple laminated strips, fitted string holder and string, Enfield, CT, c. 1880, Thomas Fisher, 3 1/2" h, 4 1/2" dia; cherry with purple velvet tomato pincushion, matching strawberry emery and beeswax, also a tiny spool with bright green thread, 6" h, (both ex. Hazel Hamilton collection).



Side chairs, maple, original red/brown painted finish, three beveled slats, green with black and tan stripe taped seats, original tilters, one chair is numbered "1" on top of left front post, S. Union, KY origin, 14 1/2" seat h, 38 1/2" overall h.



Wool basket, twisted wire, maple slats and handles, poplar two-board oval bottom, flared sides, with copy of a note "This is a true picket fence basket - We have several of this design in our museum, Dixie Huffman, Pleasant Hill Shaker Museum, Ky.", 14" to top of handle, 30" l, 21 1/2" w.



Weaver's chair, maple and oak, original dark cherry red painted finish, two slats, beige taped seat, Mt. Lebanon, NY, c. 1830-40, 27 1/2" seat h, 42" overall h.



Wood stove, cast iron, super heater, Mt. Lebanon, NY, c. 1840, circular lipped front, canted sides, separate box on top for extra heat, peg legs, 25" h, 28" l.



Photographs, mounted 5" x 8" sepia prints, from J.E. West's New Lebanon Shaker Community Photographs, 1870-1910, Sister Eliza Rayson (#36) and North Family Buildings from the South (#26), Anna White, Mt. Lebanon, NY.



Brothers writing desk, ash, oak, butternut and pine, original varnish finish, molded top over a slanted four panel lid, folds forward with original black fabric covered writing surface, interior shows four small stacked drawers on the left with porcelain knobs, eight hinged cubbyholes and three vertical folder slots far right, above a cupboard with eight dovetailed drawers in the bottom section, simple molded base, vertical paneled sides, Alfred, ME, c. 1885, made by Brother Henry Green (1844-1931) and given to the consignors grandfather George A. Clark, c. 1886, for his engineering work done at Alfred for the Shakers, 4' h, 28 1/2" writing h, 38 1/2" w, 18 1/4" d.



Oval carrier, maple, pine, fixed hickory handle, original varnish finish, three fingers, penciled on bottom "Elders.", 7 1/2" h to top of handle, 11" l, 8" w to outside of handle.



Drying basket, black ash, natural patina, open weave bottom, single wrapped rim, finely carved side handles, 11" h to top of handles, 36" l, 23 1/2" w.



Elder's rocking chair, maple and tiger maple with flat carved cherry wood arms, original red tinted varnish finish, stylized acorn finials, four slats, rush seat, Mt. Lebanon, NY, c. 1850, 14 3/4" seat h, 43" overall h.



Spools, maple and cherry wood, natural patina, two with thread, light blue wool, and white silk, 1/2" to 1 3/4".



Sewing table, maple and walnut, original varnish finish, rare form, tip-top oval top with cutout for Sister to sit, inlaid maple hand-numbered yardstick on top, turned shaft, tripod snake leg, Harvard, MA, c. 1860, 22 1/2" h, 42" w, 25 1/2" d.



Pamphlets: "Brief Exposition...United Society of Believers", New York, 1879, orange cover; "Sketches of Shakers and Shakerism", Albany, 1883, 1st Ed., purple cover; "Autobiography of Mary Antoinette Doolittle", New Lebanon, 1880, green cover.



Oval box, maple and pine, original cherry red finish, four fingers, Canterbury, NH, c. 1830-40, 2 1/8" h, 5 1/8" l, 3 1/2" w.



Rocking chair, birch, original red stained varnish finish, caned seat, classic Enfield, NH form, c. 1840, (ex. Courcier/Wilkins).



Gathering basket, black ash, hickory handles, round with slightly flared sides, single wrapped rim, double reinforced bottom with carved cross members that bend to become staves flowing into the body of the basket, Enfield, NH, c. 1840, 11 1/2" h to top of handle, 21" dia.



Dining table, black walnut, natural varnish finish, breadboarded three-board top, over a deep cutout skirt, over four square and turned legs, through mortise construction, "Made in Groveland, per Mary Dahm", 30" h, 64" l, 35 1/2" w, (ex. R.W. Belfit collection).



Label, "The Shaker Asthma Cure, for Asthma only, Manufactured by the United Society of Shakers, D.C. Brainard, Mount Lebanon, NY, Price One Dollar", framed and glazed, 6" x 3 1/2" (sight).



Cheese basket, black ash, original blue painted finish, 5" h, 14" dia, (ex. Hazel Hamilton collection).



Gathering basket, black ash, original dark patina, rectangular bottom to oval top, carved hoop handle from side to side, pencil initials on bottom "YS" and "AS", Shirley, MA, c. 1840, 17 1/2" h to top of handle, 21 1/2" l.



Labels: "Fresh Tomatoes, Fresh Peaches, Fresh Quinces, Shirley Village, Mass"; "Tomato Catsup, Apple Sauce..., Shaker Station, Conn", "Shaker Apple Sauce, Concentrated Syrup of Sarsaparilla...", Mount Lebanon, NY (seven labels).



Bench, pine, original dark red stained finish, rectangular one-board top, 8' long, medial support with curved ends all on an arched footed base, 15 1/2" h, Hancock, MA.



Bench, pine, original dark red stained finish, rectangular one-board top, 7' 9" l, medial support with curved ends all on an arched footed base, 15 1/2" h, Hancock, MA.



Sleigh blanket, wolf fur pelts, red wool felt backing, bear claw muffler pockets for two people seated side-by-side, small attached handwritten cloth label "Shaker Village, East Canterbury, NH", 6' x 5'.



Double bottle filler, cherry, two Shaker tin funnels, adjustable height on a turned shaft, rectangular beveled platform for bottles, 17 1/4" h, 12 1/2" l, 4 3/4" w.



Work bench, pine, light blue painted finish, single board top, dovetailed shelf below on an arched footed base, Enfield, CT, 20 1/2" h, 23 3/4" l, 12 1/2" w.



Sister's sewing stand, tiger maple, cherry and pine, older varnish finish, rectangular cherry top, 22" w, 20" d, two underslung dovetailed cherry wood drawers with finely turned cherry wood knobs, slender tiger maple shaft and three snake legs, closeup of inset cast iron door stops, and iron plate on bottom, 24 1/2" h.



Oval box, maple and pine, orange/red painted finish, three fingers, pencil inscription under lid "East Family, M. Vinan", and on top "Eliza J.", 2 5/8" h, 7 3/4" l.



Two oval boxes: maple and pine, original dark varnish stain, three fingers, pencil signed inside "Willis E. King", and initialed on bottom and dated "1836", 1 3/8" h, 3 5/8" l; maple and pine, old green painted finish, three fingers, initialed inside, 1 1/2" h, 4 1/2" l.



Oval box, maple and pine, cherry red painted finish, four fingers, 3 1/2" h, 9" l, 6 5/8" w.



Oval sewing carrier, birch, cherry and pine, pink silk lined interior, clear varnish finish, four fingers, swing handle, tomato pincushion, poplarware needlecase, beeswax and strawberry emery in pink silk and velvet, 6 1/2" h to top of handle, 8 3/8" l, (ex. Mrs. Nat King Cole collection).



Single door cupboard, pine, early blue/gray painted finish, six inset raised vertical panel door, brass and wood closures, small turned brass pull, opening to five interior shelves, originally built-in on one side, two pegs added to side, Enfield, NH, c. 1850, 7' 9" h, 42" w, 15" d.



Lamp fillers, tin, applied handles and spouts, fitted cap, Canterbury, NH, 5 1/2" and 8" h.



Pail, pine, iron wraps, mustard yellow painted finish, iron bail with black painted wood handle, Canterbury, NH, c. 1850, stenciled in black on bottom "EA", 12" h to top of handle, 9 1/2" dia.



Bench, hardwood, early green painted finish over red, classic form, four angled supports dovetailed into top and sides, bootjack arched ends, Shirley, MA, c. 1850, 18 3/4" h, 34" l, 9 3/4" d.



Footstool, cherry, natural finish, rectangular board with four splayed peg legs, through mortised and pegged, Enfield, CT, c. 1840, number "24" in pencil on bottom, 4" h, 15 1/2" l.



Blanket chest, poplar, cherry, traces of original red stain with varnish finish, applied molded left lid over two simulated drawers, over two finely dovetailed drawers on a canted foot base, bottom stretcher double dovetailed into side, Watervliet, NY, c. 1850, 43" h, 41 3/4" l, 15" d.



Hat box, butternut and poplar, original dark walnut stained finish, lid with two thin extended fingers, closely nailed bottom section, leather buckled closing strap, New Lebanon, NY, c. 1860-70, pencil inscription under lid "For Frank Seabury", 14" h, 21 3/4" l.



Drying stand, birch, original red stained finish, two bars, mortised and pinned, rounded, top vertical sides through mortised and pinned into an arched and stepped foot, Canterbury, NH, c. 1840, 32 1/2" h, 23 1/2" w, (ex. Hazel Hamilton collection).



Side chairs, birch and maple, three finely shaped slats, early green taped seats, tilters, New Hampshire and New York, 15" and 14 1/2" seat h, 40 1/2" and 38 3/4" overall h.



Shovel, maple, original red painted finish, carved from one piece of wood, early finely nailed copper repair to scoop, 35" h, 12" w.



Infirmary screen, pine, original salmon red painted finish, three panels of louvered slots, three birch 2" pegs (one above each panel), four small iron pins at top on reverse, step arch trestle foot base, through mortise and double pin construction, arched fence post top finials, 74" h, 54" w, 14" l foot.



Pen wipe and Pincushion: miniature China doll with felt pieced skirt, gray, white and tan with red silk ribbon; and round pincushion, purple with green thread top, kid leather bound, multicolor poplarware with attached purple silk ribbon, Canterbury, NH, 2" dia, (ex. Dr. J.J. McCue collection).



Carpenter's square, walnut, through mortised and pinned, date stamped on end "1834", 12 1/2" h, 23" l.



Scarne, hanging wool spool holder, pine, natural patina, double through mortised and pinned, 35 hardwood spools, many in original painted finish, bright yellow, orange, red and natural, two initialed "JM", Enfield or Canterbury, NH, c. 1850, 2 1/4" h, 58" l.



Oval sewing boxes, cherry and maple, swing handles, four and three fingers, smaller is lined in turquoise blue silk, tomato pincushion and poplarware needlecase, both stamped "Sabbathday Lake, Shakers, Maine" on bottom, 9 1/4" and 8" l.



Trestle table, cherry, birch and pine, original dark stained finish, second two-board Shaker top, arched trestle base, c. 1840, 27 1/4" h, 35" w, (ex. "Historic Deerfield Collection", see page 111 Furniture of Historic Deerfield, Fales, 1976).



Child's rocking armchair, maple, original ebony stained finish, original green and gold taped back and seat, Mt. Lebanon, NY, c. 1875-80, #0 size, small repair to left back post and rocker replaced, 9 1/2" seat h, 23 1/2" overall h.



Child's rocking armchair, maple, original varnish finish, original green taped back and seat, Mt. Lebanon, NY, c. 1880-90, #1 size, original Shaker trademark decal on inside left rocker, 12" seat h, 29" overall h.



Small rocking armchair, maple, original red stained varnish finish, mauve taped back and seat, Mt. Lebanon, NY, c. 1880, #3 size, Shaker trademark decal on inside left rocker, 15 1/2" seat h, 34" overall h.



Rocking armchair, maple, original ebony stained finish, green and red taped back and seat, Mt. Lebanon, NY, c. 1880, #5 size, 15" seat h, 38" overall h.



Tall chest, pine, early oak grained finish, eight lipped and dovetailed drawers (four side by side) over four long drawers, Bennington porcelain knobs, all on canted feet, 6' 1" h, 41" w, 23 3/4" d, (ex. Chuck Mueller; ex. ex. Northeast Auctions 2003).



Sister's step stool, yellow pine, three shaped steps, classic arch design, dovetailed stretcher, repair to back leg, Canterbury, NH, c. 1840, (ex. Dr. Robert Soberman collection).



Tub, pine, original red painted exterior, original light mustard/green painted interior, normal in-use wear to finish, four interwoven lapped bands, two carved handles, Canterbury, NH, c. 1830-40, 17 1/2" h to top of handles, 20" dia.



Spinning wheel, walking wool wheel, birch and maple, natural finish, horn collar at flyer, Mt. Lebanon, NY, c. 1840, 61" h, 41" l (table), 46" dia (wheel).



Pail, pine, taken down to original chrome yellow painted finish, two wrapped black steel bands, finely carved swing handle, Mt. Lebanon, NY, c. 1850, 14 1/2" h to top of handle, 11" dia, (ex. Douglas Hamel collection).



Bed, cherry and pine, original natural and red stained finish, inset pine slat support, maple and cast iron wheels, New Lebanon, NY, c. 1850, headboard 34" h, 36" w, footboard 28 3/4" h, 36" w, 76" l, 32" w (inside measurements).



Bowl, maple, turned and carved, original chrome yelllow painted finish, normal in-use wear, slightly raised on two sides, very fine patinated interior finish, 3" h, 7 3/4" dia.



Two rocking chairs, maple, original dark walnut stained varnish finish, #4, three slat with shawl bar, light green and blue taped seat (one rocker restored); #7, four-slat armed rocker with shawl bar, matching taped seat, Mt. Lebanon, NY, c. 1870, 34" and 41" h.



Three baskets: rectangular work basket with smaller round basket inset into interior, small side handles, thread repairs to rim, 5" h, 17" l; utensil basket with circular attached handles, 12" l; and bread basket with inset handles, 16 1/2" l.



Round sewing basket, 24 rosewood and maple laminated staves, brown silk gathered bag interior, thinly carved ebony swing handle, three small rectangular feet, Thomas Fisher, Enfield, CT, c. 1880, 3 1/2" h, 7" h to top of handle, 7 1/2" dia.



Cupboard over drawers, pine, refinished, single vertical two-panel door over six drawers, turned wood pulls, "Taken from 2nd floor, Laundry Bldg., Alfred, Maine", c. 1870, 7' h, 37" w, 20" d, (ex. T. Rieman; ex. Ruth & Ed Guerin collection).



Ruler, bird's-eye maple, original varnish finish, made by Brother Delmar Wilson for Sister Mamie Curtis, hand-stamped numbers and name "Mamie", 16" l.



Dining chairs, cherry wood, original varnish finish, nipple finial, three slats, early raspberry color taped seat, Watervliet, NY, c. 1850, 16" seat h, 34" overall h.



Bookshelf, pine, refinished, two tiers with dovetailed top, applied moldings, separate contemporary rectangular base, 24" h, 52 3/4" w, 10 3/4" d, (ex. Upton collection and purchased by consignor from Molly Hamilton).



Small oval box, maple and pine, natural varnish finish and patina, three fingers, signed on bottom "A.M.C.", given to Miss Marion Andrews (aged 9 years) in 1933 from a friend of the Shakers, Miss Celia Webster, and given to her by a Shaker Sister from Tyringham, MA, in 1873, 1 1/4" h, 3 1/4" l.



Cheese press, mixed hardwoods, original red painted finish, with original lapped round cheese form, oak, natural finish, press on trestle footed base, Canterbury, NH, c. 1850, 52" h, 45" l.



Cheese strainers, tin, with side handles, 21" and 15 1/2" dia.



Armed rocking chair, maple, ebony finish, green taped back and seat, Mt. Lebanon, NY, c. 1870, #7, with single slat above taped back, 16 1/2" seat h, 41" overall h.



Pail, Donut cutter and Pincushion: pine pail, original red painted finish, 7" h to top of handle, 5 3/4" dia; maple, turned wood donut cutter, in mustard yellow paint, 5" h; and a poplar and kid leather pincushion, with purple felt tomato pincushion, "Shaker Goods, Alfred, Me, Trademark", 3" dia.



Note cards, set of 15 hand-paint decorated note cards, depicting seasonal views and scenes, Spring Flowers, Winter Holly, Summer Clover, Fall Colored Leaves, 5" x 3" (with envelopes).



Note cards, set of six hand-paint decorated note cards, seasonal views, overall decoration, sunsets, birches, church in winter, river and mountains in summer, etc., 4 3/4" x 2 3/4" (with envelopes).



Note cards, Pincushions and Photograph: two note cards with envelopes, "Hand painted by Cora Sarle at the Shakers in East Canterbury, New Hampshire", "Old Church Lane, Shakers NH" and a winter scene; two painted pincushions, salmon with "Old Church, 1792" and a winter scene; and a snapshot of Cora Sarle and Rebecca Hathaway, 2 1/4" dia.



Sewing notions: hand-sewn sprig of four strawberries, with gold silk ribbon, and four bean pods with green silk ribbon, and a purple silk hand-painted pansy emery with green silk ribbon for hanging.



Sewing boxes, two poplarware sewing boxes, one in original cardboard box, "...Canterbury Shakers...", with green silk ribbons and interior, and handwritten card "Just a little remembrance from your friends on Shaker Hill, Lovingly Aunt Cora", and two large red silk strawberry emeries, and a large blue tomato felt pincushion.



Books, Pamphlets and Kerchief: Life and Gospel Experience of Mother Ann Lee by Elder Henry Blinn; In Memoriam Eldress D.A. Durgin, 1825-1898; 1884 Shaker Almanac, The Manifesto, 1889 and 1894, The Granite Monthly, four copies, 1920 and 1921, with "Forty Years a Shaker"; linen kerchief, signed "Dorothy Durgin".



Photographs and Patterns: an 8" x 10" photograph of Shaker Sisters at service with "Cora Sarle - front row on right with Bible", 1949, and a 3 1/2" x 4" photo negative, portrait of Sister Cora Helena Sarle, in Shaker dress in a portrait studio; paper and cloth cutout patterns of a cat and owl, and miniature bonnet patterns in green silk and old postcards.



Cupboard over drawers, pine, early white painted finish, single raised panel door, double pinned and mortised construction, over four large drawers, heart-shaped black cast iron pulls, appears to have been built-in, Shirley, MA, c. 1850, 6' h, 32" w, 24" d.



Two side chairs, Mt. Lebanon, NY, pre-production, c. 1850-60: maple and tiger maple, original varnish finish, green stripe taped seat, tilters, 17" seat h; tiger maple, with woven cane seat, tilters, 17 1/2" seat h, 39" overall h.



Miniature room, Gus and Alice Schwerdtfeger constructed room, tilt chair with taped seat, lined sewing box, tall clock, candlestand, breadboard top table, braided rug, side chair, spool holder pincushion, candlestick, "Heavenly Tree" watercolor, signed "June Sprigg, 1971", includes Bill of Sale, 7 1/2" h, 8 1/2" w.



Wood stove, cast iron, round lipped front, slightly canted sides, 19" h, 30" l.



Bonnet, Book and Hangers: winter bonnet, plum red velvet and red silk interior and ribbon; leather bound The Testimony of Christ's Second Appearing, Albany, 1810; two maple clothes hangers, one signed "Hannah Wilson", 16 3/4" and 17 1/2" l.



Work stand, poplar and pine, original ochre painted finish, one-board top with rectangular splashboard, top is beveled and shaped with rounded corners, single dovetailed drawer with finely turned and threaded walnut knob, square tapered legs, c. 1850, 31" h, 29" w, 16 1/4" d, (ex. E. Power Biggs collection).



Document, concerning the sale of land for the "sum of Ten Dollars and for the love and Good Will that I have and do bair (sic) to the Church and Community of Christians called Shaking Quakers in the town of Enfield, County of Hartford...received to my full satisfaction of Daniel Wood being one of the Breatherin (sic)...Anno Domini 1800, Joseph Fairbanks...signed and sealed".



Shaker boxes, two oval boxes, maple, pine, elm tops, one with original yellow varnish finish, one in natural varnish finish, three fingers, (one with dovetailed label "Lebanon Shaker Box"), 1 7/8" and 1 3/4" h, 5 1/8" and 4 1/4" l.



Sewing items: velvet covered pincushion with basketry base, 4 1/4" dia; four leather covered silk, wool and velvet sewing packs with spaces for thimbles, graduated sizes of needles, boxes for spools, some with fancy crochet work, a tall cloth covered holder for crochet needles, and a loop for hanging on a peg.



Sister's boxes: small dome top box, cherry, original red stained varnish finish, finely dovetailed, small handmade brass clasp, 3" h, 6 1/2" w; yellow pine, rectangular lift lid box, dovetailed construction, finely dovetailed side drawer made with very thin stock, bent wire pull and clasp, 5" h, 13" l.



Cupboard over drawers, pine, cream/yellow painted finish, small cupboard top over eight dovetailed and lipped drawers, with walnut turned knobs, Darrow School Auction, New Lebanon, NY, c. 1850, originally a built-in, 6' 8 1/2" h, 39" w, 20 1/2" d, (ex. Ed Guerin estate collection).



Work basket, black ash splint, double wrapped rim, four finely carved handles made for two Sister's to carry heavier loads, inverted bottom with some repairs, 14 1/2" h, 24" dia.



Sander and Pail: maple sander, original yellow painted finish, punched holes in the shape of a star for disposal of fine sand for drying ink, 2 3/4" h; small pail, pine, original blue painted exterior, cream painted interior, wire bail handle with turned birch holder, 6" h to top of handle, 5 1/2" dia.



Carrier, maple and pine, original varnish finish, fixed handles, two fingers, Mt. Lebanon, NY, c. 1920, probably the work of Mr. Roberts, who made these for the Shaker Shop, 8" h to top of handle, 14 1/2" l, 11" w.



Work baskets, black ash, square to round form, single wrapped rim, two handles, open weave bottom, 11 1/2" h, 16 1/2" dia; rectangular, black ash, drying basket, possibly for herbs, open weave bottom, finely carved handles, c. 1850-60, 7" h to top of handle, 20 1/2" l, 14 1/2" w.



Chest of drawers, ash, butternut, oak and pine, original varnish finish, crested shaped backsplash, molded butternut top, two banks of four lipped and finely dovetailed drawers, turned walnut knobs, double vertical raised paneled ends, 40" h to top of back, 40" w, 21" d.



Oval box, maple and pine, original yellow stained finish, four fingers, c. 1820, iron tack construction, possibly Ohio or Kentucky origin, series of numbers in pencil inside lid, 4 3/4" h, 11 1/2" l, 8 5/8" w.



Side chair, birch, original red painted finish, early splint seat, original tilters, Enfield, NH, c. 1830-40, 18" seat h, 41" overall h.



Butter churn, tin, original blue painted surface, birch dasher, pine lid with loop carved handle, three offset shaped tin handles, Mt. Lebanon, NY, c. 1860, 41" h to top of dasher, 25 1/4" h to top of churn, 11 3/4" dia.



Apple processor, poplar and maple, cast iron and tin, apple turned peeler, corer and slicer, with clamps for table, separate iron rod and turned wood knob for pulling apple through processor, 10 1/2" h, 24" l, 20 1/2" w.



Cupboard over drawers, birch, cherry and pine, red stained finish, tall two-panel vertical door, above three pine dovetailed and lipped drawers, New Hampshire, offset arrangement of drawers, originally a built-in, 7' h, 24 3/4" w, 10 1/2" d, (ex. Ed Guerin estate collection).



Small dipper, maple and pine, natural patina, turned handle, copper tacks, signed on bottom in brown ink "F A DeLano from C M 29 Feb 1832", 4 1/2" to top of handle, 3" dia.



Pail, pine, original pumpkin orange painted exterior, blue painted interior, wire bail with birch handle in original red painted finish, initialed on bottom in black painted dots "E A.", lid with blue interior, red exterior, 13 1/2" h to top of handle, 10" dia.



Elder's rocking chair, original light varnish finish, four slats, curvilinear arms pegged to shaped arm supports, turned down to shaped rockers, original finely woven black ash splint seat with dark patinated finish, Mt. Lebanon, NY, c. 1830-40, 15 1/2" seat h, 42" overall h.



Stool, maple, original walnut stained varnish finish, original green stripe and beige herringbone taped seat, turned and tapered posts, eight turned stretchers, Mt. Lebanon, NY, c. 1880, 16" h, 13 1/2" sq top, (ex. Greenwillow Farm Antiques).



Wood stove, cast iron, circular lipped front, long turned wooden handle to door latch, slightly canted sides, penny feet, 18 1/4" h, 34" l.



Sister's towel rack, pine, light varnish finish, two turned rails, mortised through, rectangular vertical posts, shaped trestle shoe foot, Mt. Lebanon, NY, c. 1860, similar to Plate 40, Shaker Furniture, Andrews, 38" h, 23 1/2" w.



Convenience chair, maple, gray paint removed to expose original salmon red painted finish, two heavily beveled slats, curvilinear arms, breadboarded lift lid seat, hinged door in skirt, short finely turned legs, Watervliet, NY, c. 1840-50, 15 1/2" seat h, 33 1/2" overall h.



Hanging shelf, poplar, original red painted finish, two cast brass circular eyelets for hanging, rear document well with smaller open shelf in front, double slightly scrolled sides, square nailed construction, c. 1860, 16" h, 21 3/4" w, 7 3/4" d.



Book, Shaker Furniture, The Craftsmanship of an American Communal Sect, Edward and Faith Andrews, Yale University Press, New Haven, First Edition, 1937, photographs by William Winter, with original green paper cover, red cloth with green labels, excellent condition.



Drawers, cherry, pine, original stained finish, case of two drawers, large drawer over smaller drawer, inlaid diamond escutcheons, replaced knobs, New Lebanon, NY store, 22 1/4" h, 43" w, 16 3/4" d, (ex. Robert Taylor collection).



Oval box, maple and pine, original red painted finish, four fingers right to left on base, one finger left to right on lid, copper tacks, iron points, Sabbathday Lake or Alfred, ME, c. 1830-40, 5" h, 12" l, 9" w.



Two rocking chairs, maple and tiger maple, original dark walnut stained varnish finish, green stripe and light green taped seats and backs, shawl bars, #2 size, Mt. Lebanon, NY, c. 1880-90, both chairs show Shaker transfer decal inside left rockers, "Bought from Bob Herron, Lebanon, NY, in the 1950's, In family since then", 16" seat h, 33" overall h.



Stack of three oval boxes, maple and pine, natural finish, two three-finger boxes and one four-finger box, copper tacks and iron points, middle box signed on lid "A.G. Channing", New Lebanon, NY, c. 1830-40, 7 1/8" l, 8 3/4" l, 11 3/4" l.



Rocking chair, maple, old varnish finish, three-slat ladderback, early flat arms and cast iron arm supports, rush seat, rockers are flush to front post, Watervliet, NY, c. 1840, 16 1/2" seat h, 38" overall h.



Herb drying rack, oak and maple, original salmon red painted finish, four tiers of four finished thin boards that form open racks for drying herbs, three finished vertical posts all on trestle feet, through mortised and pegged construction, Hancock, MA, c. 1850-60, 4' 9" h, 7' 10" l, 24" w.



Rocking armchair, maple, original dark walnut stained finish, original red and beige taped seat and back, #3 size, Mt. Lebanon, NY, c. 1880-90, Shaker trademark transfer decal on inside left rocker, 15 1/2" seat h, 35" overall h.



Spinning wheel, maple, oak and birch, natural patina, Alfred, ME flax wheel, table end is stamped "SRAL" (Samuel Ring, Alfred), c. 1820-30, see page 67, American Spinning Wheels, Pennington & Taylor, 34" h, 34 1/2" l.



Double rolling pin, maple, natural patina, see page 37 By Shaker Hands, June Sprigg, 20 1/2" l, (sold WHA, 1991, Lot 298).



Side chair, cherry, original red/brown stained finish, Watervliet, NY, c. 1840, three beveled slats, stamped on front left post "DEC", early rush seat, tilters, 16 1/2" seat h, 41 1/4" overall h.



Fret saw, cherry wood and steel, natural patina, finely turned handle, used for cutting oval box lids and bottoms, Mt. Lebanon, NY, c. 1840-50, predates jig saw, 12 1/2" l, 9" w, 5" saw blade.



Tools, collection of wooden handled iron augers, threaders (tapping pegboards for threaded Shaker pegs), wrought iron broad bladed chisel, 25" l, New Lebanon, NY, c. 1830-60, 16 pieces.



Trestle table, walnut and tiger maple, varnish finish, multi-board rectangular top on a walnut carved central support, on arched trestle legs, 20th c., 24 1/2" h, 59 1/2" w, 32 3/4" d, (ex. Northeast Auctions, July 2003, Lot 177).



Photographs: portrait of Lilian Barlow as a young Shakeress, "Born 1876, given to us by her on Sept. 8, 1940, RW Belfit"; postcard portrait of William H. Perkins carving fancy stools to sell, "Aug 27, 1931, It is our firm belief that men and women are gods and angels in the Making!"; "Eldress Ella Winship, sewing...formerly of Groveland..."; Sister Sarah Collins, Second Family, Mt. Lebanon, in front of the Chair Shop and a poem "To Sister Sarah Collins on her 80th Birthday...Eliz. Easton"; J.E. West card, "Views of North Family Shakers at Mt. Lebanon...#37 Sister Annie M. Moody.", (ex. R.W. Belfit collection).



Three books: Life and Gospel Experience of Mother Ann Lee, Henry Blinn, East Canterbury, NH, 1901, R-99; Devine Book of Holy Wisdom..., Paulina Bates, Canterbury, NH, 1849, original gilt leather binding, R-67; and Testimonies of the Life...of Mother Ann Lee, Albany, NY, 1988; original brown cloth, R-81.



Blanket chest, pine, original red painted finish, molded top, snipe hinged, six-board construction, bootjack style arched sides, till with drawer under, dated on bottom "1790", purchased in New Lebanon, NY, by consignor in the 1960's (copy of sales receipt with chest), 24 1/2" h, 43 1/4" w, 17 1/2" d.



Tin collection: finely made coffee pot with side handle, 11" h; lidded cream cannister; dipper; syrup with attached lid; funnel; and a handled cant sided lidding warming pot.



Bonnet box and Stand: Alfred, ME, c. 1850-60, cedar wood, natural patina, finely dovetailed, molded lid with minor repairs, 13 1/4" h, 11" sq; separate bonnet stand, finely turned for wool winter bonnet, 11" h.



Bonnet, poplarware, deep plum colored silk neck flounce, and a brown silk ribbon tie, 7" h.



Poplarware boxes, kid trimmed with beige silk ribbons, smaller box has attached needlecase with interior felt strips and needles, both stamped on bottom with circular trademark decals "Sabbathday Lake Shakers, Maine", overall in-use wear, 2" and 2 1/4" h, 4 1/2" and 5 1/2" w.



Cupboard, pine, original orange stained varnish finish, single vertical inset panel opening to a light blue painted finish, with five graduated shelves, originally a built-in, finely turned wood pull and original iron spring door latch, Mt. Lebanon, NY, c. 1840, 5' h, 20 1/4" w, 20 1/4" d.



Oval box, maple and pine, original varnish finish, four fingers, tuck into sides at ends, iron points and wood pegged, 5 1/4" h, 13 1/2" l, 10" w.



Two oval boxes, natural finishes, three fingers, smaller box with hole in center of lid for thread, 3 1/2" l, larger box with iron points, 5 3/4" l.



Small basket, black ash, original orange varnished finish, circular form, lidded with intricate spiral weave, 2" h, 3 1/2" dia, (ex. Douglas Hamel collection).



Storage chest, pine, original dark patinated finish, snipe hinged lid (missing top hinges), dovetailed construction, sectioned interior for two Believers, unique construction with three carved encased wheels and turned knob for storage under bed, 12 3/4" h, 32 1/4" w, 16" d, (ex. WHA, 2002, Lot 124; ex. Jordan Auction, Lot 563).



Drying rack, pine, original dark patinated finish, square to round rails through mortised and pegged, folds and expands to an "X" shaped form, New Lebanon, NY, c. 1840-50, 6' 5" h, 39" w.



Three-step stool, pine, original yellow stained varnish finish, Sister's steps for large cupboards and chests, arched sides, New Lebanon, NY, c. 1850, signed underneath "To Carman and George Davis, 1974 from the Belfit Collection", 23 1/2" h, 15 1/2" w, 12 1/2" d.



Handled tray, pine, varnish finish, rectangular form, canted sides, slightly rounded offset handles, interior sliding rectangular tray, 2 3/4" h, 16 1/4" w, 11 3/4" d, interior tray 11 1/4" l, 3 1/2" w, (ex. Peterson collection, Pittsfield, MA).



Easel and Marking gauge: easel with varnish finish, rectangular panel, slotted opening at top, spring loaded tin arm at bottom, adjustable "A" frame on back, folds flat when closed, signed "LW", 14 1/2" h, 5 1/2" w; marking gauge, ash and maple, and iron, two trammel points, one slides across for measuring, hand-marked increments, 36" l, (ex. Peterson collection, Pittsfield, MA).



Two oval boxes, maple and pine, original walnut stained finish, three finely shaped long fingers, 2 7/8" h, 7" l, 4 1/2" w; maple and pine, original varnish finish, four fingers right to left, small cracks in lip of lid, Sabbathday Lake, ME, c. 1830, 4" h, 10" l, 7 3/4" w.



Buckboard bench, poplar, oak or ash, original red painted finish, finely carved back with slight curve, carved shaped sides for armrests, wooden seat springs, Canterbury, NH, c. 1850, 3' h, 37" w, 5' 9" l.



Rocking chair, maple, original dark red stained varnish finish, original cherry red taped seat and back, #3, Mt. Lebanon, NY, c. 1880, original Shakers trademark on inside of left rocker, 15 1/2" seat h, 34 1/2" overall h.



Seed box, pine, original ochre stained finish, dovetailed construction, six sectioned interior reused for yarn swift parts, gears, slats, thumbsaw adjustments, finished and unfinished, 3 1/2" h.



Two swifts, maple, original yellow stained finish, Hancock, MA, c. 1860-90, 21" and 16" l.



Two oval boxes: maple, pine, sumac and cherry tops, four fingers right to left, 3" h, 8 3/4" l; oval sewing carrier, four fingers, with tomato pincushion, poplar needlebook, floral painted emery, written on bottom "This box was made at the Mt. Lebanon NY Shakers, when Sister Emma J. Neale was in charge of the Church Family, Cover is made of sumac, handle ash", slight split at base, 9" l.



Two side chairs: birch and maple, original natural varnish finish, black ash splint seat, Mt. Lebanon, NY, c. 1840, 16" seat h, 41" overall h; maple, natural varnish finish, heavy beveled slats, original stained splint seat, dark patina, front posts stamped "NO-5-DE", original tilters, Watervliet, NY, c. 1840, 15 1/2" seat h, 40 1/2" overall h.



Sister's cloak, red wool, blue silk lined hood with blue ribbon ties, black cloth label sewn inside collar "The Dorothy, Hart & Shepard, Shakers, Canterbury, NH", minor moth damage, (ex. Hazel Hamilton collection).



Broom vise bench, tiger maple, maple and oak, original natural patina, finely carved handled crank, carved pull-down lever, thick tiger maple bench on four heavy turned splayed legs, Canterbury or Enfield, NH, c. 1850-60, 51" h, 30" l, 13" w.



Oval box, maple and pine, mustard yellow painted finish, three fingers, "27" in ink on bottom, 2" h, 5 1/4" l, 3 1/4" w.



Carrier, poplar, fixed ash handle, early natural varnish finish, rectangular dovetailed box with separate carved inset lift lid with two handles, lid inverted can serve as a work surface, 14 1/2" to top of handle, 17 1/4" l, 11 1/4" w.



Wash stand, walnut and poplar, carved and dovetailed splashboard, single board top, single thumbnail molded and dovetailed drawer, once a cupboard with split panel drawer, square canted feet, Union Village, OH, c. 1830, peg on right side of splashboard, 32 1/2" h, 29 1/2" h to surface, 19" d, 25 1/2" w.



Oval box, maple and pine, original mustard yellow painted finish, three fingers, 1 3/4" h, 4 1/2" l, 2 3/4" w.



Song and Poem: handwritten hymn written on a scrap of lined paper with musical notations, "Tis the still small voice..."; "A Dirge for Chicago", dated Oct. 9 1871, "written in memory of the Great Conflagration at Chicago...", written on the back of a printed New Lebanon Shaker School attendance and report sheet dated 1858, 10 1/4" h, (ex. R.W. Belfit collection).



Two wall cards, Table monitor, a poem broadside in columns, to be posted in Visitor's Dining Room, Shaker Village; "A Man of Kindness to his Beast is Kind..." (R-121 and R-973).



Carrier, pine and hickory, natural finish, lap and nail construction, six-sectioned interior, tall carved hoop handle, 9" to top of handle, 12 1/2" w, 11 1/2" l, (ex. R.W. Belfit collection).



Chimney cupboard, pine, original natural finish, vertical two panel door with finely turned cherry knob, over two open shelves, five-shelf interior, originally a built-in cupboard, sides are unfinished, New Lebanon, NY, c. 1840, (purchased at the Darrow School Auction, 1961), 67" h, 20" w, 14" d.



Ephemera collection: postcards, double wide of Canterbury, NH, Shaker Village; Old Church, E. Canterbury, NH; "The Dorothy Cloak" advertising; pamphlets, sketches of Shakers and Shakerism, Albany 1883; "Pearly Gate" and "Veratrum and Viride", (ex. R.W. Belfit collection).



Crutches, maple, original dark stained varnish finish, old patina, Mt. Lebanon, NY, c. 1860, 49 1/2" h.



Two rocking chairs, cherry, original clear varnish finish, three slats, pre-production, Mt. Lebanon, #2 stamped on top slat, early Shaker blue, beige and red tape, c. 1865-70, 15" seat h, 34" overall h; cherry, original clear varnish finish, three slats, rose stripe and khaki tape, New Lebanon, NY, c. 1850-60, 14 1/2" seat h, 35 1/4" overall h.



Hanger, walnut, original clear varnish finish, finely carved curvilinear bar, brass hook, finely turned shaft with five sets of concentric rings, Harvard, MA, c. 1860-70, 37" h, 13" w, (ex. Dan Eastman; ex. Edward Case collection).



Wall units: cupboards, pegboards, cupboard over drawers, built-ins, pine, original chrome yellow painted finish, (ex. Duxbury Art Complex, Duxbury, MA).



Sewing articles: poplarware knitting needle holder with turned maple needles, 15" l, stamped Sabbathday Lake on bottom, kid trimmed, silk lined; star motif, open work, black ash, woven sewing basket, 6 3/4" dia; brown leather sewing box with needlecase, thimble holder, strawberry emery, 2" h, 4 1/2" w.



Pair of dining chairs, maple, early meetinghouse blue painted finish, dungaree blue and beige taped seats, two shaped slats, c. 1860-70, 17 1/2" seat h, 27 1/4" overall h.



Sewing box, walnut, original natural varnish finish, ebony diamond escutcheon, original key, lift out five-section interior dovetailed box with lids, with ivory pulls and ebony diamond backs, well below, Enfield, CT, c. 1880-90, 7" h, 12" w, 9" d; 2 3/4" h, 11" w, 8" d (interior box), (ex. Copeley-Lyman Auction, Stanton's 1987).



Add-on drawers, tiger birch, birch and poplar, original clear varnish finish, top three-section 2" well, over three lipped and dovetailed drawers, dovetailed case, 7" h, 35" l, 8" d, (ex. R.W. Belfit collection).



Work table, walnut, natural varnish finish, one-board breadboarded top, 37" l, 22 3/4" w, wide skirt beveled at the bottom, pegged and mortised construction, Enfield, CT, c. 1820-40, 28" h, (ex. WHA, August 2, 1987, Lot 200).



Sieve, Pincushion, Box mold: maple and horsehair sieve, 4 1/4" dia; maple, red wool, adjustable pincushion, Hancock, MA, c. 1870, 8" h; pine, natural patina, oval wood block, adjustable, marked "22" in pencil, 10" l.



Revolving stool, pine, early black painted finish, circular swivel pine top, turned flared legs, with series of three turned box stretchers, cast iron swivel device attached to top, 29 1/2" h, 12 1/2" dia.



Oval sewing box, maple and cherry, original varnish finish, four fingers, fitted interior with tomato pincushion, strawberry emery, needlecase, and a separate pink silk chair with scissors, darning egg with small strawberry emery, to be pinned on Sister's dress, 6" h to top of swing handle, 7" l.



Stool, maple, original walnut stained varnish finish, original taped seat in brown stripe and beige, Shaker Mt. Lebanon, NY, transfer decal on inside of leg, 16" h, 14" sq.



Bed, birch and pine, original orange/red stained varnish finish, original cast iron and wood wheels, 38" h, 6' 3" l, 30" w.



Sister's shoes, Forms, Stretcher: black leather tie shoes, 9 1/2" l; two wooden shoe sole forms, 9 1/2" and 12" l; maple shoe stretcher, finely turned handle, knob bottom, 9" h, 9" l, (ex. Hazel Hamilton collection).



Rolling pin, Herb mashers, Comb: maple rolling pin, tapered to ends with finely turned knob handles, New Lebanon, NY, 16 1/2" l; two maple shaped handle herb mashers, 9" and 8 1/2" l; maple comb with birch turned handle, large and small tines, cast iron diamond-shaped handle secure, Canterbury, NH, c. 1860-70, 5" l.



Side chair, maple, original burnt orange painted finish, early rush seat, tilters (need to be replaced), three graduated slats (3 1/2", 3 1/4", 3"), Canterbury, NH, c. 1840, 17" seat h, 40 1/2" overall h.



Printing plate, Paper tag, Stereo card, and Table mat: lead print plate "Shaker Garden Seeds, Red Onion...", found in Harvard, MA, 1 1/2" x 1 3/4"; shipping tag "Shirley Shakers...W.H. Wetherbee...", 4 1/4" l; stereoscopic view of North Family Shirley Shakers, B.F. Foster, 7" l; and a poplarware table mat, Harvard, MA, 9 1/2" l.



Work table, maple and pine, old varnish finish, two-board breadboarded top, reinforced underneath with beveled pine boards, symmetrically secured with screws, 31" d, single dovetailed drawer with finely turned pull, mortised and tenoned with pegs, square tapered legs, deep overhung top, 13 1/4", 26 3/4" h, 56 1/2" l.



Sister's cloak, purple dyed wool, designed silk collar, interior pockets, black label with gold "The Dorothy, Shakers, Hart & Shepard, E. Canterbury, NH.", 4' 3" l.



Three measures, oak and maple, large oak measure, early green painted finish, cast iron handles and top wrap, 8" h, 14" dia, paper sticker "made by Elder Wm. Dumont, Sabbathday Lake, Maine, Documented by Theodore Johnson"; two measures with oval stamps of United Society of Shakers, Sabbathday Lake.



Two oval boxes: maple and pine, early red painted finish, Shaker "make-do" leather rim on lid, two fingers on base, 5 1/8" l; poplar, early varnish finish, three fingers, large copper tacks, copper points, 7" l.



Spool, maple, apple core style, original ochre stained varnish finish, 2 3/4" h.



Brother's beds, maple and poplar, original yellow wash under original varnish, turned rails, paper label "Brethrens, Good", South Family, New Lebanon, NY, c. 1850, 42" h, 32" w.



Rug whip, maple handle, twisted wire loop, brass cap, partial paper label, black print on brown, "Shaker Rug Whip,...manufactured by...Mt. Lebanon, NY", 31 1/2" l.



Three measures, oak and pine, original red and brown painted finish, graduated sizes, largest is stamped on rim "OH" for Orren Haskins (1815-1892), New Lebanon, NY.



Four side chairs, maple, birch and ash, clear varnish finish, tilter chair, two green tape seats, two splint tape seats, New Lebanon, NY, c. 1840-50, 14 1/2" and 16" seat h; 39" and 41" overall h.



Oval carrier and Yarnwinder: maple and pine carrier, original natural varnish finish, three fingers, attached swing handle, beige lining, tomato pincushion, poplar needleholder, beeswax, stamped "Sabbath Day Lake" trademark on bottom, made by Brother Delmer Wilson via Sister Frances Carr letter dated 25 Aug 1987, 8" l; and a folding adjustable yarnwinder, maple, original varnish finish, wire and maple table clamp, three arms, 18" l.



Storage chest, pine, original khaki gray finish, two pair of inset cast iron handles on sides, dovetailed construction, molded lid, 19" h, 6' l, 24" d.



Rocking chair, maple, original dark red stained varnish finish, red, beige and blue striped tape seat, #3, Mt. Lebanon, NY transfer decal on inside of left rocker, 16" seat h, 35" overall h.



School bell and Dipper: cast brass and finely turned maple handle, stamped "8", 9" h; oak dipper, original dark varnish finish, copper tacked lap, 13 1/2" l, 7" dia.



Candlestand, cherry, dark varnish stained finish, round top, turned shaft, snake legs, feet show repairs, c. 1840, 26" h, 18 1/2" dia.



Trivet, elm, carved and chip carved board in shape of a flower petal, inscribed on back "Made of Elm Tree at Mt. Lebanon, N.Y. which Mother Ann Lee, founder of the Shakers, hitched her horse, She Died in 1784, Told by Sister Jennie Wells, Mt. Lebanon Shakers", 11" sq, (ex. R.W. Belfit collection).



Two yarnwinders: "X" base clock reel style, tiger maple and birch, original finish, four finely shaped arms, through mortised and pegged carved handle; squirrel cage style, maple, poplar cages, plank base, bottom cage is adjustable for tension by loosening wrought iron rattail screws, mortise and peg construction, New Lebanon, NY, c. 1830, 44 1/2" h.



Two oval boxes: poplar, maple and pine, original natural patina, three fingers, signed under lid "Presented by Eldress Clarissa May 15, 1873...", 2 1/2" h, 5 3/4" l, 3 3/4" w; opposing fingers, iron tacks, inscribed in pencil on top "Button Moulds (sic)", with a written history from consignor, 6" l.



Chest of drawers, pine, original dark ochre stained finish, six graduated and dovetailed drawers, with finely turned pulls, pencil signed on back "Edward Johnson...".



Two pails: pine, original yellow painted finish, green interior, #5 on bottom, 12" h, 9" dia; pine, original light blue/gray painted finish, black iron wraps, birch and iron swing handle, Enfield, NH, c. 1870, purchased from Hazel Hamilton, 20" h to top of handle, 14" dia.



Tape loom, pine and birch, original natural dark patina, adjustable drums for tension, foot pedals for raising and lowering threads, through mortised and pegged construction, found in New Hampshire, 35 1/2" h, 22 1/2" l.



Apple box, pine, early light green over original red, dovetailed sides, two-inch board runners on base, single board construction.



Drying rack, pine, original light gray/green painted finish, four-section shaped top in form of a post finial, lambs tongue carved ladders through mortised and pinned, Canterbury, NH, c. 1850.



Bench, pine and yellow pine, original ochre painted finish, inset slat back, medial brace, slight curve to base at sides, Groveland, NY, c. 1850.



Oval box, maple and pine, original oxidized yellow painted finish, three fingers, signed under lid "M.E.H.", 3 1/2" h, 11 3/4" l, 8" w.



Drying rack, pine and poplar, original natural finish, three turned ladders, two slightly raised trestle feet, through mortised and pegged, purchased from Hazel Hayes, 35 1/2" h, 38" w.



Child's crib, oak, original dark varnish finish, finely carved octagonal spindles, lambs tongue carved rails, through mortised and pegged construction, three-board shaped pine bottom, front side raises on pegs and lifts out for access, Mt. Lebanon, NY, 36" h, 51" l, 25" w.



Book, leather bound, Christ's First and Second Appearing, By Shakers, 4th Edition, Albany, 1856, (ex. Dr. J.J. McCue collection).



Dividers, Sprayer and Scoops: maple dividers, original natural patina, turned brass thumbscrew, 16" l; triangular pine, boxed cast iron bellows-operated sprayer, leather, wood with cherry knob, fitted box, 6 1/2" h, 13" l; two carved maple scoops, both carved from one piece of wood, 11" and 16" (repaired).



Records, 78 RPM, slip cased, Early Shaker Spirituals, Sabbathday Lake, ME, signed Sister R. Mildred Barker, edited by D.W. Patterson; The Shaker Heritage, complete set, Sister's Aida Elam, Bertha Lindsay, Miriam Wall, Margarite Frost, History, Cooking, Education, etc., 10 cased records plus three bonus, Shaker Spirituals, 1957, Shaker Village Work Group (rare).



Side chair, maple, dark stained finish, shawl bar, #3, green stripe taped seat, Mt. Lebanon, NY, c. 1880, transfer decal on back of second slat, 14 1/4" seat h, 33" overall h.



Infirmary cupboard, poplar, original dark red painted finish, top section cupboard with glass doors, glass sides and three shelves, original turquoise blue painted interior, on top of a three drawer side-by-side cupboard base, three graduated drawers and a raised panel door opening to three shelves, square canted foot, purchased from Doctor's Office at Whitewater, Ohio, 5' 5" h, 25 3/4" w, 21" d.



Drying rack, pine, natural finish, three thin rectangular rails, through mortised and pinned, hole in top rail for hanging on a peg rail (old repair), flat trestle foot, gift to Marius Peladeau from Sister R. Mildred Barker, Sabbathday Lake, ME, 34" h, 34" w, (sold WHA, June 8, 2002).

317. Stove, cast iron, super heater, purchased from Brother Ricardo Belden, New Lebanon, NY, c. 1820, 25" h, 34" l, 10" w. $1,322.50


Sampler/Map, multi-color wools on cotton muslin, alphabet and numbers on left side, legend of buildings on right, map of Canterbury Village, showing 27 buildings, Shaker Road, Church yard, trees, fields, gardens, framed and matted.