1. 19th c. mahogany cased German music box, working condition.

2. 19th c. Russian samovar, silver, electrified lamp with white silk shade.

3. Chinese green soapstone incense holder, on a carved soapstone base, facing carved foo dogs.

3A. Oriental rug, Kashan, signed lower center, red field, cobalt blue central medallion, 9' 10" x 13'.

3B. Oriental rug, Kazak, brown and rust, 3' 3" x 6' 5".

4. Early 19th c. "Royal Vienna" porcelain chalice, hand-painted scene of "3 Graces", gold tipped, yellow, blue and rose red.

4A. Finely decorated Paris porcelain vase, Chinese couple reading, floral motif, 14" h.

5. Custom pine server, with drop leaves, and raised panel pine double door cupboard below.

5A. Finely carved wood African transformation mask, Guro, Ivory Coast, painted black face with raised scarification, delicate features, rams horns, surmounted with a kneeling human figure, mounted on a wood block.

5B. Carved African mask, Fang, Gabon, elongated mask with pronounced nose, covered in white kaolin pigment, black outlined features, diamond-shaped eyes, used in rituals of Fang judiciary association, mounted on a wooden block.

5C. African carved statue of Dogon tribe, Mali, primordial couple, ancestor figures, seated on a stool supported by four human carytid figures, male figure with pipe and beard, female figure with a bottom lip plug, both with traditional scarification, 27" h.

5D. 18th c. pine six-board sea chest, in original green paint.

6. Custom cherry looking glass, from Powder Point Duxbury estate.

6A. Victorian cast iron garden planter, white paint.

7. Oriental rug, red, cream and dark blue with birds in field, runner, from Powder Point Duxbury estate, 11' 3" x 3' 6".

7A. Red silk damask curtains.

8. Hand-loomed scatter rug, made in India, from Powder Point Duxbury estate, 4' x 6'.

8A. Pair of 18th c. ladderback side chairs, Marshfield origin.

8B. 19th c. birdcage Windsor armchair, and step-down Windsor side chair.

8C. Cast iron door stop - Boston terrier, in original paint.

9. Two cotton Ralph Lauren loomed rugs, "Radcliffe Plaid", red with yellow, cobalt, green and white stripes, Dhurrie, from Powder Point Duxbury estate, 4' x 6' and 3' x 5'.

10. 19th c. chestnut bureau, three drawers.

10A. Two carved African stylized sun masks, Baule, Ivory Coast, carved round masks with circular white tipped black horns, carved protruding eyes and rectangular mouth with teeth, done in style that influenced Picca Society, 42 1/2" dia and 16 1/2" dia.

10B. Cast bronze African figure of a Royal leopard with tail reaching over the back, Great Benin, Nigeria, delineated circular spots, protruding tongue and teeth, 7" l.

10C. Long African mask with attached raffia beard, Ijo, Nigeria, two rows of four protruding eyes, with long nose and shaped lips, used in the dances of the water spirit cult, 19" l.

10D. Set of six custom Chippendale mahogany dining chairs, upholstered seats, carved backs, claw and ball feet, two armchairs.

10E. Custom mahogany double pedestal dining table, finely carved base with ball and claw feet, gadrooned skirt, two inset leaves.

10F. Custom mahogany serpentine front sideboard, claw and ball foot, central silver drawer, 70" w.

11. Collection of dolls and clothing: cupies, Japan, etc., includes a windup walking bear toy, Japan label.

11A. Three dolls: Armand Marseille, 9", porcelain; and two porcelain, M & F, 9".

11B. Three dolls: two Jenny Linde, 8"; and plastic boy, 11 1/2".

11C. 19th c. porcelain doll, "C.M. Bergamann", open mouth, movable tongue, 17" l.

12. Set of 10 sterling teaspoons, boxed set of six Rodgers silver spoons, matchbox with porcelain portrait of Napoleon, and a Japanese bottle.

12A. Five baby dolls, bisque.

12B. Carved toy horse drawn wagon, "Light and Heavy Carting", in original red with yellow wheels; and a cast iron car in original paint, blue and black, red wheels.

12C. Early 20th c. papier-mache toy policeman, blue coat with yellow buttons, head bobs, weighted bottom.

13. 19th c. walnut marble top commode, carved raised panels, carved drawer pulls.

13A. 19th c. pine doll's bureau with white porcelain knobs.

13B. Framed paper dolls, 19th c. dolls cradle, and three dolls.

14. Pair of 19th c. engravings of Venetian canals, F.M. Dodge and L. Eck, finely framed and matted.

14A. Collection of four box cameras: Kodak Bellows, Kodak Pony Senior, #3 Kodak Brownie.

15. Portable color television.

15A. Circular carved African wooden dance mask, Bateke, Zaire, polychrome painted with geometric and abstract designs, red and kaolin white on natural dark background, raised upper half of face with lower carved nose and mouth, mounted on a wooden block.

15B. Two carved African female fertility figures: Baule, Ivory Coast, finely carved facial features, hands on pregnant belly, tribal scarification, crisply carved hair; and Yoruba, Nigeria, kneeling female figure, Shango Cult Devotee, with traditional offering bowl; 15" and 17".

15C. Carved and painted African ancestral mask, Kuba Tribe, Zaire, polychrome painted with triangular designs, enhanced with beadwork on eyebrows, nose and mouth, headdress decorated in cowrie shells and blue knotted twine, on brown canvas, woven linen, mounted on a black wooden block.

15D. Collection of advertising tin boxes, tobacco, sugar, emery, all in a large handled basket.

16. Lenox includes leaf dish, pair of candlesticks, footed bowl, fluted bowl, white with gold trim, and Lenox bowl and underliner, gold trim with bird and floral decoration.

16A. Oak three-door bookcase, adjustable shelves, lion's head cornice, paw feet, 6' h, 6" w, 17" d.

17. Collection of early kitchen and advertising tins: miniature stove, toasters (3), rabbit and chick molds, hand lantern, Kennedy's Biscuits wood box, etc.

17A. Heavy cut glass pitcher, 11" h.

17B. Three cut glass perfumes, faint circular maker mark on stepped perfume with blue top.

17C. Sterling silver bureau set, brushes, glove stretcher, etc.

18. Four-piece silver plated tea set, "Sheridan".

18A. Oriental rug, Kirman, red field, 9' 8" x 13' 5".

18B. Oriental rug, Russian Kazak, red field, blue medallions, orange horses, 4' 2" x 9' 7".

19. 19th c. Bavarian porcelain, five bouillons and saucers, chocolate pot, decorated ironstone vegetable, and decorated oval server (13 pieces).

19A. Seven yellow and floral Minton plates, sold by Marshall Fields, Chicago, 9" dia.

20. Custom wing chair, blue upholstery, from Powder Point Duxbury estate.

20A. African carved wooden statuary (this form was often used as a headdress), Bambara, Mali, depicting female antelope and its calf, deeply carved grooves on tall horns tipped with horsehair, applied brass decorations, mostly used in female fertility dances, 23" h.

20B. African carved wooden face mask, Lega, Zaire, almond-shaped slit eyes, delicately shaped nose, kaolin white face, three holes at bottom of mask are for attaching raffia or monkey hair for beard, mounted on a painted black wooden block, 10" h.

20C. African carved staff, Baga, Guinea, sinnous carving of a protective serpent, alternating triangular forms, painted red, white and black, used in boys initiation ceremony, announcing the day of circumcision by its appearance in the community, 26" h.

20D. Mahogany cased "Victrola", manufactured by Victor Talking Machine Co.

20E. Collection of prisms, early glass inkwell, two-quart beaker, and a small ship's lantern.

21. Cast iron molds: "N. Waterman - Boston - 1858", "Griswold No - 34", and Cornbread corn mold.

21A. 19th c. Portland Cutter sleigh, simple horse drawn, original paint, exceptional condition, 60", 36" w, (90" front).

22. Small collection of embossed bottles, including labeled "Dr. Haynes Arabian Balsam".

22A. Oriental rug, Tabriz, cream field, green border, roses and vines, 8' x 10' 9".

22B. Oriental rug, Russian Kazak, bright orange border, red field, 4' 2" x 8' 2".

23. 19th c. keyhole andirons with shield tops.

23A. Tin windup toy, "No. 27 - Drum Major", made by Wolverine Supply & Mfg. Co., Pittsburgh, PA, 13 1/2" h, (wired together).

23B. Oak cased telephone, "Kellogg".

23C. Boxed marionette toy, "Hazelles Popular Marionettes" tomboy.

23D. Wood slat steamer trunk, with original decorated interior.

24. Custom brass fireplace screen.

24A. Custom brass lighting devices, candle sconces, sticks, door knocker.

24B. Child's rocker in old paint.

24C. Doll chair in mustard paint.

24D. Child's wicker doll carriage.

25. Pine cupboard, painted robin's egg blue, raised panel doors, bracket base, made for television.

25A. Carved African society mask, Songe, Zaire, deeply grooved facial mask, white with black features, large almond-shaped eyes, holes on circumference for raffia, square mouth with carved "X", used in the Kifwebe Society to exercise social control, mounted on a wooden block, 15 1/2" h.

25B. African cast bronze figure, Great Benin, Nigeria, standing warrior King armed with magical scepter and shield, spiked helmet, on a painted wooden block, 12" h.

25C. Two African carvings: Stylized mask structure, Nafana Tribe, Ivory Coast, circular top with shield-shaped base, carved and painted geometric designs, used in cleansing the village of evil forces, 21" l; Abstract carved headdress, with openwork projection, Ibo, Nigeria, carved geometric designs painted with red, black and white, used in ancestor worship, 22" l.

26. Cut glass bowl, pressed and cut wine decanter, sectioned olive dish, small cut vase (4 pieces).

26A. Oriental rug, Persian Heriz, red, cobalt and light cream, 7' 6" x 11'.

26B. Oriental rug, Russian Karabagh, red field with three red medallions, floral border on black and surrounded in bright yellow, 4' 10" x 8' 9".

27. Porcelain to include c. 1900 Austrian vase with applied flowers, Austrian rose bowl, small footed vase, German plates and bowls, tea strainer, (8 pieces).

27A. Set of Wedgwood bone china dinnerware: 8 dinner plates, 9 salads, 8 tea cups, 8 saucers.

28. Pewter to include Art Nouveau vase, 19th c. plate and bowl, handled server, footed trophy cup, footwarmer and octagonal bottle.

28A. Pewter sugar bowl, "Dixon and Son", grape decorated rim.

29. Oil lamp, frosted amber glass font; and a Dietz marked lantern with red glass.

29A. Three pieces of contemporary slip ware, and two small blue and white Meissen dishes.

30. Victorian corner walnut "what-not" shelf, five shaped shelves, c. 1880.

30A. Two silver plated castor sets.

31. Sterling silver: Paul Revere bowl, pair of low candlesticks, two small bowls, etc. (7 pieces); and sterling silver salad fork and spoon, hallmarked horn handled ladle, sterling candle snuff, three sets of glass, and silver coasters.

31A. Sterling silver comb and brush set: two brushes, turtle shell comb and mirror.

32. Golden oak commode, three drawers and cupboard.

32A. Sheffield silver coffee pot and footed covered server.

33. Large collection of pressed and etched clear glass, sectioned vegetables, footed bowls, creamer and sugars, salts, vases (some Waterford).

33A. Silver and cut crystal oval epergne, seven glass fonts, swag and tassel silver decoration, 22" l.

34. Set of four etched Bohemian glass footed wines, and a ruby glass mug.

34A. Small footed brass electric lamp (square), with four lithopane panels, signed.

35. 19th c. four-drawer pine bureau, inset panel ends.

35A. African carved wooden stool, Senufo, Ivory Coast, rectangular carved saddle-shaped top on four heavy tapered legs, all carved from one piece of wood.

35B. African beadwork decorated sashes, Yoruba, Nigeria, human faces, lizards, fish, rabbits, snake, edged with cowrie shells.

35C. Two bronze African figures: depicting a mythological warrior on a rearing horse, Yoruba, Nigeria, 10" h; and Dogon, Mali, cast bronze figure of a seated man, elongated face with beard, 8" h.

35D. Carved African Chieftain's stool, Ashanti, curved seat, carved box shaft on a double raised flat base, Ktoko Gwa, porcupine stool, Ashanti state emblem, used exclusively by the upper class, 25" w.

36. Wedgwood trays, boxes, etc., cups and saucers, Royal Copenhagen, Hungary, etc., blue and white Vienna coffee pot.

36A. Set of six walnut dining chairs, carved backs, pad feet.

36B. Dining room table, carved skirt.

36C. Server.

36D. Sideboard.

37. Wicker corner armchair with covered seat.

37A. Excellent wicker settee with rolled arms.

37B. Wicker rocking chair with arms.

37C. Wicker desk and chair, oak top, drawer with glass knobs, green stain.

37D. Collection of Victorian china: Limoges and other hand-painted French china; moustache cup, Nippon bowl, fruit dish, cup and saucer, etc.

38. Custom mahogany glass door china closet, silver drawer and cupboard below.

38A. Sterling: sugar and creamer, and two oval bowls.

38B. Set of four mahogany dining chairs.

38C. Duncan Phyfe style, triple pedestal dining table.

39. Large collection of silver plate, Victorian ornate style, trays, baskets, bowls, bureau set, utensils.

39A. Collection of Royal Doulton Dickens characters, miniature pitchers, figurines, etc. (12 pieces).

39B. Lot of silver, grape pattern vegetable with illegible hallmark, rectangular tray, cream and sugar.

40. Hoosier kitchen cabinet, "White Beauty, New Castle, Ind.".

41. Collection of colored glass: blown ruffled pitcher, Venetian swan, bud vase, hobnail blue vases, frogs, etc.

41A. Collection of cut salts, knife rests, tea strainer, etc. (23 pieces).

42. 1950's collection: Hall cookie jar "966"; Hagan Renaker Dalmation, "1954 - Spooky"; poodle; measuring cup with bee; and coronation biscuit tin.

43. Large collection of silver plate: pitcher, serving spoon, napkin rings, salt and pepper, candlesticks, casserole, toast holder, etc.

44. Pair of Chinese porcelain pottery lamps, decorated with eagles and shields.

45. Pair of marble top custom end tables, French style, one-drawer.

45A. Walnut marble top parlor table with inset marble.

45B. Walnut marble top stand, cut marble top.

46. Boxed set of brass and rosewood handled flatware, including serving pieces, candlesticks, etc., three full trays - T. James, Bangkok, Thailand (over 150 pieces).

47. Contemporary black leather and chrome bar stool.

47A. Collection of early colored glass: three hats, small blown goblet, mercury glass candle, Amberina cruet, red flash candy, etc.

48. Two brass lamps, column shaft, with custom shades.

48A. Two 19th c. pine og mirrors.

48B. Collection of toleware containers: "A. Tartar", etc.

49. Persian roomsize Oriental rug, red field.

49A. 19th c. girandole set, three-piece, "the "Lovers", cut prisms.

50. Fall front pine desk, three-drawer, arch base, inset panel side, painted finish.

50A. Pair of 18th c. bowback Windsor side chairs, bamboo turned, plank seat, "H" stretcher, old dark stained varnish, (one bow is repaired).

51. Three Wallace Nutting photos, Scituate Historical Society, Kitchen, Parlor and The Soul of Harmony.

51A. Flow Blue: two handleless cups and a saucer, "Pelew".

52. Wrought iron candelabra, Cape Cod lighter, and iron stand.

52A. Two pieces: Japanese wood block of fishing boats and children - Hasui; and a bamboo style framed Chinese silk embroidery on red cotton, battle scene of two warriors with butterflies and bats.

52B. Cast iron andirons, heavy, square heads, rings, arched feet, 25 1/2" h, 25" l.

53. Contemporary black leather and chrome armchair.

53A. Finely crafted mahogany Skittle Ball table, brought to Duxbury from Bermuda, Sambros Automatic Billiards Table, H.A. & E. Smith, Hamilton, Bermuda.

54. Collection of ironstone china including a 19th c. covered sugar bowl, 20th c. soup tureen with ladle and two platters, and a small tray.

54A. Brass bucket with iron bail, and a copper container.

54B. Two Japanese woodblock prints, Kunisada, two actors, c. 1830-1845.

54C. Japanese woodblock print, Kunisada, actor with cat.

54D. Two Japanese woodblock prints, Toyokuni, actor - samurai, and early 1780 example.

54E. Two Japanese woodblock prints, Kunisada, actor - Sawamura Sojuro, c. 1798; and Hasegawa Sadanobu, actor Nazakoi, wearing Noh Mask Robe, c. 1840.

55. Custom Colonial pine chimney cupboard, raised double panel vertical door, bootjack end sides, four-shelf interior.

56. Four 19th c. carpenter's planes.

56A. Oriental rug, Russian Karabagh, yellows, black border with flowers, three medallions, 4' 9" x 9' 9".

56B. Oriental rug, Russian Karabagh, red field with two medallions, black border, 4' 2" x 8' 9".

57. Three brass items: handled pail, pitcher, and a lantern; and five brass and copper pails and handled containers.

57A. Custom pine trestle table.

57B. Two-slat armchair with rush seat, and a 19th c. maple and gilt lined mirror.

57C. 19th c. cast iron cornbread mold "Wagner ware", wrought iron and wood handled chopper, and a red and white tablecloth.

58. Four baskets: swing handle, gathering, footed with applied flowers, etc.

58A. Oak swinging door cabinet with mirrored doors.

58B. Victorian carved cherry settee, carved North Wind panel back.

58C. Victorian carved cherry armchair, carved North Wind panel back.

59. Collection of iron and brass 19th c. dippers and a frying pan, sleigh bells, and four iron pieces: two decorative trivets, 18th c. spatula, and a handled trivet.

59A. Reed & Barton tea set, "1795 Winthrop" (1943), with a marked silver tray.

59B. Two hooked rugs - dog and cat, and round floral.

60. Pine 19th c. table, converted to a coffee table, turned leg, scrubbed finish, through tenored construction.

60A. 19th c. Staffordshire, blue and white bowl and pitcher, Willow pattern, includes handled jar and cup.

61. Chippendale style mirror; and Early American style pine hanging shelf, three-tier.

61A. Oriental scatter rug, Persian Kashan, red field with green pillars, 4' x 5' 5".

61B. Oriental rug, Persian Kurd runner, 3' 9" x 15' 5".

61C. Oriental rug, Russian Karabagh, brown field with orange, 4' 7" x 8' 6".

62. Contemporary custom oak secretary, beveled glass doors, fall front lid, three drawers below, on a claw and ball foot base.

62A. Set of Noritake dinnerware china, Japan 5930 Dawn, 12 dinner plates, 11 salad plates, 12 bread plates, 10 tea cups, 9 saucers.

63. Two pottery lamps: one Dedham pottery jar, and a blue and white floral Chinese style jar.

64. Rosenthal vase, signed on bottom, "Meta Miller, 1912", Bavaria, 16" h.

64A. Roseville pottery vase, Zepher Lilly #141, blue background, 16" h.

64B. Early 20th c. leaded glass hanging lamp shade.

64C. Roseville pottery vase, offset handles, green background.

65. 19th c. style custom, pine, Harvest dining table, breadboard top, square tapered legs, 8' 2" l, 29 1/2" h, 37 1/2" w.

66. Set of five Shaker style ladderback side chairs, tape and rush seats, maple, three-slat, four Canterbury side chairs, one Elder's armchair, Shaker Workshop design.

67. Three ladderback chairs: two oak side chairs, four shaped slats, black and green taped seats; and an early 19th c. maple, four-slat, rush seat side chair.

68. Two helmets: World War I brass helmet (French?), and a British Bobby police helmet; along with five pewter top glass beer steins.

68A. Set of three Persian style manuscript leaves depicting elephants.

68B. Mahogany, three-drawer, Martha Washington sewing stand, with line inlay and oval shell on top.

69. Small portable television.

69A. Set of two Persian style manuscript leaves, watercolors of tropical birds in bas-relief, very unusual.

69B. Set of two Persian style manuscript leaves, watercolors of hummingbirds surrounded with flowers and butterflies.

70. 19th c. American pine wardrobe, two doors with lift lid interior compartment.

70A. Set of three custom painted picture frames with bamboo, morning glories and butterflies.

70B. Set of two Persian style watercolor leaves depicting nature studies, birds, butterflies and florals.

71. Tall case mahogany clock, moon face dial, brass and silver, chimes, brass works, c. 1920-30, 7' 3 1/2" h.

71A. Schoolhouse clock, leaf decorated pendulum, time and strike movement.

71B. 19th c. Connecticut rosewood veneer shelf clock, dated on label "1868, Welsh Spring Co., Forrestville, CT".

71C. 18th/early 19th c. English bracket clock, mahogany inlaid case, lion's head handles, works signed "Jonathan Simmons, Coventry", musical chimes.

72. Collection of 19th c. stoneware crocks: 4-, 5- and 6-gallon sizes, two with swing handles, one with lid, and a brown and white jug.

72A. Collection of approximately 60 souvenir spoons, figurals, Indians, frogs, flowers, Boston, Toronto, etc.

72B. Early tole tray, decorated woodenware (cheese board, two clocks), zither, jewelry boxes.

73. Set of six French pewter measures, squared handles.

73A. Oriental rug, Persian Hamadan runner, birds, burrows, flowers, medallion, 3' 6" x 10'.

73B. Oriental rug, Russian Kazak, rust field, three cobalt medallions, 4' 2" x 9'.

74. Decorative wrought iron looking glass.

74A. Collection of Victorian porcelain: Limoges cups and saucers, six desserts, ironstone butter dish, moustache cup and saucer, two floral pitchers.

75. Late 19th c., pine, one-drawer stand, with towel racks and shelf below, cut-out decorative gallery top, turned legs.

75A. Two green glazed Japanese vases (U.S. Pat. #'s), raised decorations with butterflies, flowers, intricate handles, 10" and 8 1/2".

76. Pair of large hanging Chinese pictographs: running horse, and a horseman with his horse.

76A. Collection of Victorian pottery: ironstone sugar with lid, red and white Davenport plates (6), Wedgwood pot, unusual double spoon holder (tea) (Meissen?), etc.

77. Early American style candelabra, four branches, pine center with wrought iron branches and chain.

77A. Pine, swing leg (six legs), deep drop leaf dining table.

78. Lot of damask linens and marseille bedspread.

78A. Blue and white Czechoslovakian porcelain tea set.

78B. Two glass decanters (including one Tiffany).

78C. Two glass decanters, cut and pressed, one signed "Waterford".

79. Sheraton style gilt mirror.

79A. Collection of 15 pieces of pewter: porringers, plates, bowls, spoon, creamer and sugar, trays, cup, mug.

79B. Four framed early prints: birds and flowers.

80. Custom wing chair, red upholstery, Chinese Chippendale legs, "H" stretcher.

80A. Early paisley and two Chinese woven table covers, silk with dragons.

81. Pair of English Staffordshire spaniels, marked on bottom "Old Staffordshire ware, England".

82. Red 100% wool carpet, Carousel Carpet Mills, 10' x 11'.

82A. 19th c. walnut Eastlake parlor chairs, tufted backs, burl panels, turned legs.

82B. Two framed "Cunard Lines" prints, "Queen Elizabeth" and "M.V. Brittania".

83. Green wool carpet, 10' x 10' 6".

84. Irish Beleek (green mark) teapot, formed to resemble shells, shell feet, finial, coral handle, 7" h.

85. Mahogany Grandfather clock, chiming works, large brass pendulum.

86. Three pillows: one hand-painted with pug dog; and two needlepoint style.

86A. Oriental rug, Persian Bidjar, signed on one end, large red field, dark blue border, horses, 4' 5" x 10' 1".

86B. Oriental rug, Persian Tabriz, red field, large central medallion, triple border, 7' 8" x 11' 6".

87. Hand-colored restrike, "Steam Frigate Cyclops", fine framed and matted.

87A. 18th c. English tall clock, dark pine case, brass face, signed "Geo. Tyler, Popes Head Alley, London".

88. Wooden cranberry scoop, "Buckingham Mfg. Co., Plymouth, Mass.".

89. Three contemporary prints: "Homeward Bound, passing the light ship Liverpool", framed and matted; "Outward Bound, off the Rockport and Light House, Liverpool"; and "Off for the Banks", pencil signed, Thomas M. Hoyne, 464/780.

89A. Two large gathering baskets, splint.

90. Easy armchair with ottoman, red upholstery.

90A. Carved African headdress, Bambara, Mali, Tchiwara society, female and calf, long horned antelope, 35" h.

90B. Two carved African masks, Baule, Ivory Coast, small mounted sunburst style with antelope horns; and an elephant headdress with painted and carved tusks.

90C. African bronze, Dogon, Mali, standing rooster, 11 1/2" h.

90D. African carved statue, Makonde, approximately 30 figures carved from the same piece of wood, vingette of village life.

90E. Carved African mask, Tchokwe, Zaire, raffia hair mounted on wooden block; and a Chief's stool, Bakongo, Zaire, with four carved figures holding the seat, 12 1/2" h.

90F. Two carved African fertility figures, Kuba palm wine cup, Congo, depicting a pregnant female, and a maternity figure, Bakongo, Zaire, mounted on a metal base, mother and child.

91. Contemporary print, Edward Gordon, front porch and landscape, Nantucket.

91A. Flow Blue platter, "Carlton", 16" dia.

91B. 19th c. American steeple clock, reverse glass painting of a paddle wheel tall ship at harbor, "Terry & Andrews, Bristol, CT".

92. Custom mahogany kidney-shaped stool, carved legs, pad feet, plaid upholstered top.

93. Pair of custom framed maps, "The Americas" and "the Globe", finely framed and glazed.

94. 19th c. tip-top inlaid parlor table, papier-mache scene of mountain top castle, serpentine mother-of-pearl decorative border, turtle-shaped base, painted decoration

95. Set of eight custom painted country rush seat chairs, custom painted slate gray with wheat carved back, six side, two arm.

96. Pedestal base dining table, round parquet top.

97. Two framed prints, whaling scenes.

97A. Faience style jardiniere with stand, depicting bullfights, cream base, blues and yellows, 23" h and 10" h.

98. Custom brass fireplace tools and holder.

98A. Oriental rug, Persian Kurd, red border, red medallion, beige field, 4' 9" x 9' 8".

98B. Oriental rug, Persian Karajeh runner, red with cream medallions, 2' 3" x 11' 3".

99. Pair of Staffordshire dogs.

100. Stereo system.

100A. 18th c. New England redware ovoid jar, flared lip, dark brown glaze, 9" h, (one glaze flake).

100B. 18th c. American spinning wheel, maple and oak, old patina.

100C. Oak Captain's high chair, caned seat.

100D. Finely carved mahogany reverse glass looking glass, barn and river with flock of birds.

101. Pair of brass candlesticks, round saucer bases, fluted top.

102. Set of six Victorian walnut upholstered chairs, two arms, four side, deaccessioned from a local Historical Society.

102A. Eastlake folding rocking chair in black, red coverlet upholstered, an Eastlake sewing stool, upholstered top, and an Eastlake marble top stand.

103. Brass candlestick desk lamp, two-bulb with black tole shade.

103A. Oriental rug, Persian Azarbyjon, dark field with cream, blue border, 4' x 10' 9".

103B. Two Oriental rugs: Anatolian, 1' 10" x 3' 3", and Persian Shiraz, brown field, 3' 7" x 6' 8".

103C. Oriental rug, Persian Kurd, brown field with four red medallions, 4' 4" x 10' 3".

103D. Hand-forged brass and iron coffee table with brown top.

104. German porcelain kitchen set, oatmeal, vinegar and oil (seven pieces).

105. Large contemporary beveled mirror, with griffins and foliate framed top.

106. Chippendale mahogany card table.

107. Group of contemporary iron Halogen floor lamps.

108. Two contemporary brass floor lamps.

108A. Large oval walnut mirror with gilt liner.

109. Contemporary box on frame.

109A. Tall carved African dance wands (carved from one piece), Sukumu, Tanzania, male and female, elongated limbs, blackened surface, beaded eyes, 66" and 63".

109B. African woven winnowing basket, Batonka, Zimbabwe, light and dark geometric designs, 31" dia.

109C. Carved African headdress, Bambara, Mali, male antelope, "Tchiwara", tufted horns, red wool and pounded metal decoration, cowrie shell decorated cap, 52" h.

110. Large custom mahogany bureau and mirror.

110A. Set of six 19th c. English pub chairs, ewewood and poplar.

110B. 20th c. custom mahogany armchair, lyre back, cane seat, low back.

111. Custom mahogany bedroom night stands.

112. Contemporary framed and matted watercolor, South Shore artist, Katherine Smit, 17" x 23".

113. Pair of tall custom brass candlesticks.

113A. On 3: Two fruitwood French style upholstered armchairs, and a scalloped top mahogany candlestand.

114. Set of four finely framed and double matted fruit prints.

115. Custom cherry bedside stand with drawers, Chippendale style brass.

116. Glass fluid lamp, electrified.

116A. Mahogany, kidney-shaped desk with four drawers on each side, and a sabre leg side chair, both custom painted, grained and decorated, from a home on Duxbury Beach.

117. Custom mahogany Chippendale style looking glass.

118. Triptych vertical framed English prints.

119. Brass candlestick lamp.

120. Low custom cherry and pine bookcase.

121. Half hull, English, mounted.

121A. Mahogany C-Roll top desk, "Doten-Dunton, Boston", 5' 6" w, 35" d.

121B. Ship model (three-masted) in a shadow box.

122. Oval top wicker lamp table, wooden top, green paint.

123. Three glass lamps: pair of electrified glass oils, and a milk glass oil with painted shades.

124. Ship model under glass.

124A. 19th c. ebony cane, with finely decorated gold top.

125. Contemporary black upholstered armchair.

125A. Burl wood jewelry casket, with sectioned top, and interior drawer lined in green silk; and a small walnut carved folding wall shelf.

126. Brass lamp with Blanche Field shade.

127. Watercolor of salt box on river, signed "Patricia McCarthy"; and a summer print, "Summer Afternoon", pencil signed "F. McDuff".

128. Custom mahogany English library three-step unit, inset with tooled red leather, top step has a cupboard compartment, second step is a hinged compartment.

129. Carpet, French, Christian Dior.

129A. Two similar African textiles, Kuba, Zaire, sewn 7" squares, in long strips, alternating light and dark quilted symbols, 8' and 9' 7", 24" w, used in clothing and hangings.

129B. Two similar African textiles, Kente, Ghana, used for clothing, sold along with a guide/chart to significance of the designs, colors and symbolic meanings of the cloth.

130. Custom mahogany breakfront, glass top, lighted.

131. Porcelain lot including contemporary Delft bowl, Imari cat, Japanese plates, etc.

132. 19th c. mahogany veneered Empire side table, tapered square shaft on "X" base, on turned ball feet.

132A. Pair of Victorian, deep set, walnut framed floral prints, decorated frames.

133. 19th c. mahogany three-tier stand, tri-footed with carrying handle.

134. Oil on canvas, harbor scene, docks and village with a ketch anchored, and a yawl in the background, signed l.r. "Charles Stepole", 18" x 24".

135. Seca stand-up scale, made in Germany.

135A. French style, ornate gilt metal mantle clock, with porcelain scene.

136. Royal Doulton figurine, "The Lobster Man", HN-2317, 7 1/2" h.

136A. Royal Doulton figurine, "The Old King", HN-2134, 9 1/2" h.

136B. Royal Doulton figurine, "The Jester", HN-2016, 10" h.

136C. Royal Doulton mug, "Tam O' Shanter", D6636, 4" h; and a "Beswick" mug, "Martin Chuzzlewit", #2030, 5" h.

137. Pair of custom mahogany Pembroke tables, with bell flower inlay and drawer.

138. Royal Doulton figurine, "The Viking", HN-2375, 8 1/2" h.

138A. A. Borsato figurine, Milano, Italy, The Park Bench, Gentleman with Birds, 7" h.

138B. Two figurines: "Lladro", Spain, seated lady at needlepoint, 11" h; and a Bavarian figurine of a young maiden with geese, #7048, 11" h.

138C. Square oak dining table, with reeded legs and claw feet.

139. Porcelain figural clock, Puti holding a gilt and cobalt round clock, on a bronzed base, gilded, 14 1/2".

139A. Meissen reticulated floral plate, 8" dia, and Meissen cup and saucer with overlaid gold, floral, both pieces marked with crossed swords.

140. Pair of custom mahogany French style armchairs, upholstered seat with caned back and caned arms.

141. Pair of custom brass stick lamps, with white silk shades.

142. Pair of walnut grape carved side chairs, slip upholstered seats, front sabre legs.

143. Eighteen vols. of Collected Works of Famous Authors: Voltaire, Poe, Dumas, Balzac, Zola, Hawthorne, etc.

144. Nine vols. of Whittier's Works.

145. Large screen color television, Mitsubishi, 1988, 52".

146. Two mirrors: one with fox hunt print, and one with floral print.

147. Pair of small custom mahogany cabinets, with drawers and cupboards below, all on a bracket base, "American Classic by Hickory".

148. Custom burl mirror with beveled glass.

148A. Walnut, marble top, serpentine stand with gilded iron legs.

148B. Pair of 19th c. leather upholstered oak dining chairs, with large brass buttons, (17th c. style).

149. Custom oval mirror, silvered frame.

150. Bumper pool table.

150A. Four silver candlesticks (one pair is sterling), and a white metal mirror.

151. Five prints: tall ships and one French children's print.

152. Six vols. of Century Magazine, 1890's, red leather and cloth, ex. Libris M. Louisa Sprague.

153. Two colored prints: Nantucket and Boston Garden, Thomas Dumlay.

154. Two vols., Columbus; five vols., Platos Dialogues (Italian); and four vols. Jameson, Art.

155. Windsurfers - XStreamline Sports [There are two - high bidder can pick one or two].

155A. Early 20th c. frames, and a Nutting hand-colored photograph, "Wilburton, Slopes".

156. Tufted back, burnt orange/red leather armchair, mahogany tapered feet, brass tack decoration on front of arms.

157. Pair of floral prints, finely framed and matted, 18th c. style, blue and burgundy.

158. Pair of floral prints, finely framed and matted, 18th c. style, yellow.

158A. Standing gumball machine, "Titan", originally one cent.

159. Framed and matted print, moonlight on New England harbor.

160. Fine leather upholstered armchair and matching leather ottoman.

161. Five vols. of Rabelais, and eight vols. of Charles Lever, illustrated, both green cloth with gold lettering.

162. Fine leather upholstered sofa, (matches Lot 160).

163. Colored print, "Berry Pickers", after etching by James A. King, deep set glazed frame, finely matted.

163A. Carved wooden water buffalo, Indonesia, red on black finish, 13" h, 33" l.

164. English fox hunt print, "Thee Surrey Foxhounds", finely framed and matted.

165. Set of six custom handmade bowback Windsor chairs, bamboo turned, two continuous armchairs, four side chairs.

165A. 19th c. Rosewood standing music case converted to a desk.

166. Two 19th c. colored prints, French litho of child and dog, and a litho of fisherman, signed "Chandler".

167. Ten vols. of Collected Works of Robert Louis Stevenson, fine leather bindings.

168. Cherry and mahogany China trade style chest, with color television.

169. Royal Copenhagen scenic bowl with racing sailboats, 3" h, 12" dia.

169A. Set of three French signed Limoges hand-painted steins, with grapes and berries, artist signed "FTB" and "HG".

169B. Royal Doulton plate, "The Jackdaw of Rheims...", D2532, 10 1/4" dia.

170. Custom mahogany Chippendale style wide dresser, with burl veneer fronts, 32" h, 66" w, 19" d.

171. Early 20th c. Oriental crackleware round vase, footed, decorated with tropical birds and elephant.

172. Seven vols., Great Men & Famous Women, 1894, leather and cloth.

173. Custom mahogany, drop leaf server, drawers with brass lions head pulls, acanthus carved columnar supports, double turned stretchers, brass paw feet.

174. Frosted glass fluid lamp, silk shade.

174A. Collection of primitives: three plate racks, lemon squeezer, hanging iron match safe, Naughty Nellie boot jack.

175. Custom brass based coffee table with glass top.

176. Alfred Dunhill cigar caddy, mahogany with lined interior.

177. Small custom mahogany stand, with inlaid shell in oval cartouche on top, scalloped gallery, tapered legs.

178. Lot of bookends, lion and silver, etc.

179. Two Chinese boxes: round red hat box, decorated with dark flower pot and flowers, bamboo stitched; and a Shaanxi lion box, used at "one month" festival for new baby, red decorated with lion and symbols, dovetailed.

179A. Collection of Oriental china and porcelain: large covered rose bowl, blue and white tea set, lustre bowl, Canton English plate, etc.

180. Futon with pillows.

181. Signed Pairpoint silver plated candlestick, footed, round base with designs.

181A. Large over-the-mantle mirror, carved wood frame.

182. Cut glass handled bowl, 3" h, 8 1/2" dia.

182A. Lot of iron: corn dryer, key, pot lifter, curling iron, meat grinder, branding iron.

182B. Collection of wood items: French glove stretcher, Froh, wash stick, paddles.

182C. Small iron pot, and a 19th c. pine wooden stool (cricket).

183. Custom mahogany tiptop tea table, carved cloverleaf top, foliate carved knees, claw and ball foot.

184. Finely framed and matted 19th c. steel engraving of James Russell Lowell, pencil signed l.r. by the artist "Jacques Reich, New York".

185. 19th c. birch, Hepplewhite, country drop leaf table, painted yellow, tapered legs.

186. Pair of brass table lamps, with twist shafts and octagonal base.

187. Custom Chippendale stool, blue upholstered top, Chinese Chippendale legs.

187A. 19th c. pine bench, painted blue/green.

188. Pair of tall brass candlestick lamps, flat brass base.

189. Pair of glass and brass fluid style lamps, with painted and cut paper shades.

189A. French porcelain chocolate pot, cups and saucers, and a French Majolica grape plate.

190. Glass coffee table with brass base.

190A. Collection of Limoges, 11 dessert plates, English vase (repaired handle), Limoges tray, sugar and creamer, German sugar bowl.

191. Lot of miscellaneous pottery and porcelain: contemporary cat, Italian pheasants, bone china pieces, Greek urns, NC pieces, etc.

192. Two "Tuareg" tribe leather boxes with finely tooled leather tops, could be used for jewelry, cassettes, etc.

192A. Kilim carpet, 6' x 10'.

193. Custom mahogany single tall post bed, urn posts with ball finials.

194. Small portable color television - NAD.

194A. Pair of sabre leg, cane seated, side chairs, painted black.

195. Rare, walnut, patented 19th c. piano stool, turned side handles raise and lower the upholstered seat, stamped on iron carriage underneath "Brooks limited".

195A. Signed and dated, blue and white, homespun coverlet, stars and tulips.

196. Capo-di-Monte platter with portrait of "Madame Sarrs-Gene", artist initialed "LK".

196A. Mahogany sheet music cabinet.

197. Luggage racks and pant holder, etc.

198. Chinese leather covered trunk, with brass hinges, handles and locking plate, Chinese character writing inside with sewn pocket, c. 1920's.

199. Three art books: World Famous Paintings, edited by Rockwell Kent, Persian Drawings, Treasury of American Prints; and a Chinese style blue and white vase.

200. Weight lifter's bench.

200A. Two chairs: ladderback with needlepoint seat, and heart-shaped back with cane seat.

201. Lot of desk objects: inlaid box, brass holder, leather items, etc.

202. Glass lot including Baccarat frog, etched vase, jars, Depression glass.

202A. Custom mahogany Queen Anne drop leaf dining table.

202B. Set of three 19th c. stacking Chinese occasional tables, decorated.

203. Brass lot including bowls, figurines, easels, candlesticks, etc.

204. Small contemporary mirror with seascape print; and a molded statue of classical female.

205. Wrought iron hall table, glass top, brass accents, by LaBarge.

206. Interesting flat wall carving of a mythological figure of horse's head and serpent's tail, 18" l.

207. Three glass decanters: two hobnail, and a 19th c. blown glass.

208. Green mark Beleek sugar and creamer.

208A. Three brass menorah candlesticks; and a Japanese lacquered tray.

208B. Custom maple, oval top, Queen Anne, splay leg one-drawer stand, "made by Stickley, Fayetteville, 1926".

209. Two blown glass pieces: cut glass vase, and basket (chunk off rim).

210. Three black contemporary lamps.

210A. Custom brace back Windsor armchair.

211. Pair of heavy brass andirons, urn with ball top, heavy iron dogs from Norwell estate on the North River.

212. Deli meat slicer.

213. Bavarian chocolate pot, "Royal Bayreuth" pitcher, and a porcelain mounted lamp of clown on a donkey (missing legs).

213A. 19th c. pine drop leaf table.

214. Five Victorian style plates: sectioned hors d'oeuvre tray, pink luster plate, two Royal Doulton square plates, and a decorated rose bowl (with minor roughage).

215. Custom mahogany three-drawer desk, Hepplewhite style, tapered legs.

216. Two contemporary Chinese wall portraits.

216A. Collection of rug beaters, brass washboard, tole tray early spring scales.

217. 19th c. mahogany sabre leg side chair, with inset needlepoint seat.

218. Set of 12 French Limoges dessert plates, and seven Bavarian fruit plates.

219. Pair of Royal Doulton "Bo Peep" figures.

219A. Two plant stands, wrought iron and walnut; and a jardiniere.

220. Small, table top, mahogany, curved glass display case, with mirrored back.

221. Glass lot including Art glass vase, blue milk glass, etc.

222. Porcelain lot: lladro of bunny, English jar, Herend Hungary, etc.

223. Oil on canvas, seascape with rocky shore and incoming wave, signed l.l. (?).

224. "Mintons" strawberry bowl with four plates, white Staffordshire salt glazed, with fork and spoon servers, and a marked Rosenthal blue and white vase.

225. Deep, Victorian, walnut oval framed photographic portrait of a gentleman with a beard.

226. Six rubbings from graves in England and Connecticut, Sea Captains.

227. Five European military colored prints, soldiers on horseback, glazed in red wood frames.

228. Framed and matted lithograph, "The White Cloud", by George Elmer Brown.

229. Pastel of horses, signed l.r.; and a print, Spring Gardens, pencil signed "Licken".

230. Two footstools and a small coverlet.

231. 19th c. wood box, repainted blue/green.

232. Thumbback side chair, and walnut Victorian side chair, painted white.